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How to Prevent Nails from Breaking on the Side

It might seem a simple statement, but caring for your nails is very important. Other than looking beautiful after a fresh manicure, what is the purpose of nails? Why is it important to look after them? Simply put, our nails are another of the body’s evolutionary techniques to preserve and protect us — the fingernail functions as a shield for the top of the finger to prevent injury. Fingernails are also indicators of specific conditions that the body goes through. This is why it is crucial to keep them in good shape.

If you have problems such as brittle nails or swollen cuticles, it is advisable to find a way to improve your nail health. There are different remedies available such as a nail formula, oils, strengtheners, and balms. However, it can take time for your nails to heal and strengthen, so it is essential to be patient with the treatment you choose. Read on for some tips on keeping your nails healthy and strong.

The right signs

There are certain aesthetic characteristics of nails that demonstrate their condition. If a nail is a pinkish-white color with cuticles that have not been cut and is rounded in shape, they are considered healthy. Whereas unhealthy nails could be dry due to a vitamin deficiency, with red and swollen skin surrounding the duet the removal of cuticles. Additionally, a spoon shape indicates a possible iron deficiency.

To maintain your nails in an optimal state, there is certain advice to be followed.

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A how-to guide for healthy nails

Here are some of the most important things to consider if you want to keep your nails in good condition.

1 Cleaning

It is vital to wash and clean your hands frequently. We know this is true to avoid spreading germs and harmful bacteria that gets on our hands. Unfortunately, we often forget to take special care to clean our nails. It is vital to get the dirt out of our cuticles. Remember to scrub your nails with a gentle soap every time you wash your hands.

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2 Moisturize

This is again something we have heard over and over about our hands. To keep the skin on our hands hydrated, we should moisturize regularly. But this is also true for our nails. Remember to use a hand and nail cream that is friendly on your cuticles to keep them strong. Additionally, there are other nail formulas available that are exceptional at hydrating our nails. These include petroleum jelly, shea butter, and oils such as jojoba, avocado, castor, and especially olive.

3 Gloves

Another tip to keep our nails in good shape is always to wear gloves to protect them from harmful external elements. When working or cleaning at home, it is crucial to protect our nails from chemicals and cleaning substances that can cause nails to become brittle and break. Additionally, when gardening and especially in cold weather, it is advisable to use gloves.

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4 Polish your nails

Initially, this might seem counterintuitive if we compare it to make-up on our skin. However, the main difference here is that our nails do not need to breathe like our skin. They are made of keratin, and a good quality nail polish can only benefit and strengthen them. Nail polish is an added form of protection for our nails and reduces any loss of moisture. Remember to use a base coat to prevent discoloration over time, especially if you prefer bright colors. Also, both the top and base coats help to prevent chipping.

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5 Post-Shower/Bath

This is the perfect time to trim and file nails. Cutting your nails when they are dry can cause them to break or split. Therefore, wait until you have bathed, and your nails are moist and soft to avoid unwanted accidents.

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6 Filing

You should always file your nails in one direction and do so to create a rounded tip. These are strongest against daily activities and can help keep your nails growing strong and healthy. Failure to do so might make them brittle and prone to chipping, which you’d want to avoid.

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