How to Pick The Perfect Ring for Your Engagement

Back in the day, only the rich and the royals could afford diamonds. Over the past few decades, we have seen a significant rise in popularity for these precious stones. As a representation of earth’s natural beauty, diamonds have now dominated the market, especially for engagement rings. People want their future wives to know just how special and one of a kind they are. Sending this message in the form of diamonds, whatever color and size you choose is a guarantee that she will know how much she means to you.

Picking the ideal engagement ring is not as easy as you think. To help you with this, we have compiled a few suggestions that can lead you to what you are looking for, within the budget that works best for you.

1 Look For A Natural Diamond

Diamonds only last forever if they are real and natural. When looking for an engagement ring, make sure that the gems in it are natural diamonds. Artificial diamonds will lose their sparkle and shine as they age over time. A natural diamond, even after hundreds of years, will still be beautiful and bright from the day it was mined and polished. Because of this characteristic, jewelry companies provide lifetime warranties on their natural diamonds.

Natural-Diamonds-engagement-ring-675x412 How to Pick The Perfect Ring for Your Engagement

Natural-Diamond-engagement-ring-675x443 How to Pick The Perfect Ring for Your Engagement

2 Plan Your Budget

Take your time and plan how much you are willing to spend before you go out and look for an engagement ring. Assess your savings account or else you would have to let go of those diamonds after your wife-to-be has already fallen in love with them.

Always remember that most jewelers are happy to offer possible customers the right kind of stones that will fit their budget. If you like a diamond that is slightly above your budget, they may be able to offer a payment plan for you.

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Plan-Budget-diamond-engagement-ring-675x504 How to Pick The Perfect Ring for Your Engagement

3 Look For Clarity

When choosing the right engagement ring, go for the one that appears “clear” to the naked eye. These stones are better and cheaper compared to other diamonds. Getting an engagement ring with an excellent clarity score off IF or VVS1 may not be worth the price you would pay. Diamonds with these clarity scores are the best among the rest, lending to their higher price tag. Go for the stones with a score of VS1 and up as they are also “clear” to the eye and less expensive than the higher-scored diamonds.

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diamond-engagement-rings-675x443 How to Pick The Perfect Ring for Your Engagement

4 Carat Size

Know what diamond size you are looking for. You will not need to make a decision immediately, but this can help narrow down the selection of rings when it is time to go shopping. Having your budget in mind, choose the carat size that is best for you, but something between 1.00 and 3.00 carats is easier to afford.

Due to the variety of diamond sizes and colors, it is often difficult to have the perfect ring by just looking at one stone. The prices will also be higher if you prefer a colored diamond ring with a large size over a simple, single clear stone.

Make sure you know your fiance’s ring size. If you do not know it, consult the advice of an expert about choosing the right size of the engagement ring for your girl. Even if you have the money to buy a large diamond engagement ring, your fiancé may have petite fingers. A bigger diamond might make her look awkward. Instead, consider a thin, elegant ring with smaller stones; this style would compliment her fingers nicely.

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diamond-engagement-ring-675x390 How to Pick The Perfect Ring for Your Engagement

Buying the perfect diamond engagement ring for your proposal is a priceless experience. Take your time, don’t be stressed, and keep your cool. Follow these tips, and you’ll find the perfect ring in no time.

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