How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer?

Flowers express every emotion under the Sun, take you to a La La land of love and care where nothing could go wrong. However, the worst part strikes when they start to wilt and eventually dry up, leaving you with a lot to think about including the transient nature of happiness and life. It is difficult to part with them; however, you can make their stay with you-better, fresher and of course, longer. All you need to do is follow this 5-pointer basic flower care regime and you can ensure that you can make them stay fresher a lot more than you expected it to be.

1 Keep them away from fruits

Ripe fruits emanate ethylene gas, which accelerates the maturation process in flowers as well. This is why flowers on your dining table can’t last a day even. So, next time, you keep that fresh flower bouquet away from fruits. Or if you plan to spruce up your dining space, let flowers be the focal point.

cut-flowers-675x900 How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer?

cut-flowers-2-675x443 How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer?

2 Keep them away from flowers

Yes, it is not a typo and you heard that right. Some flowers don’t just get along right such as daffodils and tulips. They just don’t belong together. Daffodils excrete a sap that is toxic to all flowers and can kill them almost instantly. If you have received a mixed flower bouquet of daffodils and tulips from a florist, then in all probability, the flowers have been conditioned and nurtured to be like that. A DIY arrangement, on the other hand, wouldn’t be able to coexist.

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cut-flowers-tulips-675x739 How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer?

3 Keep them away from the Sun

A plant may need proper sunlight, moisture and heat to grow and bloom. However, cut flowers do not. Keep cut flowers away from direct sunlight, vents and daft to prevent exposure to unnecessary heat and moisture. It could make them wilt untimely.

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4 Tend to them ASAP

The bouquets are wrapped in wet foam when they are delivered to you. This foam keeps them fresh and perked up until they reach to you. If you are receiving flowers at work, then at least make sure that the foam is wet until the time you reach home or have ample time at hands to tend to them. Once you do, ensure that the ribbons, paper, and foam are off and you are left with just flowers. Cut off any rotten or soggy stem. Do not forcefully tear the rotten part off and instead, use floral scissors or hand shears. Don’t forget to put the florist mix in the vase to keep your flowers fresher and perkier.

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5 Give them space

It is perfectly fine to feel eager and excited to see the flowers adorning that dull corner of your house. However, cramming them in a small vase isn’t. This will hamper their breathing space and we all know that lack of space is a real issue.

cut-flowers-vase How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer?

cut-flowers-tulips-vase How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer?

These tips can help you to form a healthy bond with cut flowers that stay with you for a longer period. And that’s not it! If your flowers have started to wilt and dry, we have come up with some easy-to-follow DIY flower ideas for you to try!

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