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How to Know If a Gucci Replica Is Authentic

This is another luxury brand that cannot get rid of the dreaded counterfeits. When you go to buy one of these handbags in the second-hand market, you can do it with all the guarantees. In today’s post, we show you how you can find out if a second hand Gucci handbag is authentic and original, or if on the contrary, it is a counterfeit.

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Learn How to Identify An Authentic Gucci From A Gucci Replica

With a few simple tips, you can differentiate between an authentic Gucci and imitation in a relaxed and straightforward way. You must take into account the following aspects:

  • The double G logo, very present in some Gucci bag prints. You should check that it is a G⅁ (double G). There are occasions when the counterfeits have another type of letter (C) or similar symbols.
  • The quality of the skin. All Gucci bags will be of the highest quality leather. If the bag is not made of leather or is of poor quality, you can be sure that it is not authentic.
  • The seams must be perfect. Look at the seams on the used Gucci handbag you want to buy. They’ll all be identical, the same size and entirely made. If the seams are of poor quality, reject the purchase of the bag.
  • Zippers and zippers. On original Gucci bags, there must be the letters Gucci.
  • The inner label of the bag must incorporate a serial number and be made without spelling mistakes.
  • Made in Italy. They are Italian handbags, so check the label to verify that the bag has been made in Italy. Avoid buying any handbag that presents (Made in China, made in China, made in Turkey,…etc.).
  • Look at any other detail and compare it with a photograph of the original. Search meticulously any aspect of the bag that may make you doubt; you can even search for a photo on the Internet to compare it with the one you are going to buy.
  • Pay attention to the price. Authentic second-hand Gucci handbags, though cheaper than new, still come at a high price. If the cost of the bag you are going to buy is “excessively cheap,” you can be sure that it is a counterfeit.

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