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How to Measure and Improve Customer Engagement

There are several key things that come into play when running any business. Sales are one of them, it is the most significant aspect of your business. Good sales can only be achieved through proper customer engagement, as specialists from CustomEssayOrder state. However, if you are having problems connecting with your clients here is how you can learn to engage with them.

Whenever marketers think of how to measure customer engagement, certain things come to mind.  They include social media interactions, purchases, email open rates, and site traffic. They are not wrong to do so since all these are great indicators of consumer engagement. However, most marketers will often ignore service metrics and how important it is to a business.

Measure-and-Improve-Customer-Engagement-675x573 How to Measure and Improve Customer Engagement

How to understand client engagement metrics:

It is critical for your business that you have a holistic view of customer engagement. According to a study done by PeopleMetrics, companies that focused on customer service engagement had a higher revenue than average. This was in contrast to those companies that had poor customer engagement.

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement is defined as the willingness of consumers to spend their time in your business or company for mutual benefit. This is often done through the advocacy of your brand or any other involvement. If you want to review engagement analytics for your business, you might want to consider the following:

  • customer reviews
  • testimonials
  • customer referrals
  • feedback and advocacy on social media
  • customer participation on advisory boards

How to improve customer engagement:

Measuring your customer activities such as site visits, social media interactions and advocacy is still not enough. In order to improve your customer engagement score, you can improve on the two service metrics listed below.

1 Wait times

Ensure that the period which your customers are served is short. Clients tend to have high expectations thus unreasonably long wait times either through physical service or online response is bad for business. If your customer wait time is extremely long then you need to re-evaluate your service scalability.

2 Abandonment rate

Generally, this includes all modes of interactions between you and your customers. They include phone calls, emails, social media conversations, and live chats. If your business is experiencing a high rate of contact abandonment, you might need to improve your current customer service skills. It could also mean that your customer service tool is not well equipped to respond to consumers quickly and effectively.

improve-customer-engagement-675x487 How to Measure and Improve Customer Engagement

Why is customer engagement important?

Ineffective services and long wait times can make you lose customers and eventually your business. These two factors together with bad service tend to cause consumers a great deal of frustration. Most times if not all, the customers will defect to your competitors. At present, consumers value the service they get more than the product you are selling to them. That in mind, poor services often results to the customer being frustrated, attrition and negative word of mouth. Do not let this ripple effect happen to your business. It is important to consider the different ways you can improve on your customer engagement strategies.

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