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How to get the Cheapest Dedicated Server?

For a business, a cheap dedicated server isn’t so much about price. It is more than that, after all, you could have the cheapest dedicated server in the world, but if it is going to go down time and time again, it simply is going to cost you money.

There are plenty of companies out there which claim to offer cheap dedicated server hosting, and they may do. However, they have very little uptime, or low system resources. This means that at ‘busy’ point throughout the day, your customers may not be able to access the website at all. This isn’t going to be good for business, it is well known that if a customer visits your website for the first time and it doesn’t work, there is a high chance that they are never going to visit it again, this isn’t really going to be good for business is it? Save money now, and it will cost you more in the long run.

You therefore will want to be paying attention to the reviews online about the hosting. For example, keep an eye out for the uptime they have, how fast their servers connection actually is, and make note to find out a little about the hardware. There are many companies that attempt to cut corners here in order to offer ‘cheap dedicated hosting’.

Never opt for the cheapest dedicated server in the world, quite often they will lack customer support, and you will need a lot of that if you are attempting to keep a server online because you are trying to run a company. You will want to ensure that your chosen company offers a number of options in which you can get in contact with them.

For the best solution, you may want to find something that is easy to manage. Therefore you will want to be on the lookout for a company which offers the cheapest dedicated server with cPanel. If you have been in the hosting game for a while, you should be more than aware that cPanel is a premium solution, and is one of the most important tools for running your website. This will limit the amount of money you need to spend on IT Staff, or even outsourcing the job. Almost anybody will be able to grasp the basics of cPanel within a number of minutes.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest dedicated server with cPanel out there, you would be wise to check out a company called Superb.net Hosting Company. Their prices are some of the cheapest around, and dare I say it, possibly some of the cheapest online. They also offer top notch customer service to boot, and their hosting solutions aren’t half bad either.

Hopefully you will put all of these ‘tips’ into practice and end up with one of the cheapest dedicated servers in the world, but without all the hassle of having no customer service to boot.

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