How To Get Rid Of Snoring Problem Once And For All

Occasional snoring is just like common cold. It will come and go away on its own. Everyone in the world goes through bouts of occasional snoring. However, when snoring becomes frequent and sustains for prolonged periods, one should look for medical options to get rid of snoring. It can lead to dangerous repercussions such as daytime fatigue, stress, irritability, and even strained relationships. Many cases of heavy uncontrollable snoring have led to sudden death too. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to treat the malaise as soon as possible.

What constitutes snoring?

Snoring, in simple terms, is a respiratory disorder. Usually, our body mechanism allows the free and smooth passage of air between our nose and throat when we sleep. In case, you have trouble while doing so, the tissues around the throat and the nose start to vibrate producing the sound of snoring. Many a time, your tongue can come in the way of smooth breathing. Usually, people who snore, sleep with their mouths open.

how to get rid of snoring problem
get rid of snoring problems
how snoring happens
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Causes of snoring:

Before going into the realm of finding solutions to how to get rid of snoring problem, one should know as to what causes snoring in the first place. You may find people snoring for different reasons. We shall explore some of them.

  • Overweight: An obese person has more fat and a poor muscle tone. You need not to be actually overweight in order not to snore. If you have more fat content around your neck and throat, that would be enough to cause snoring. Exercise and healthy lifestyle habits are the ways out to get rid of snoring easily.
  • Age: As one ages, the elasticity of the muscles reduce a lot. This can cause your throat to become narrower. You can try out bedtime exercises to increase the elasticity of the throat muscles.
  • Nasal or sinus problems: Any blockage of the nasal channel causes you to breathe through the mouth. The vacuum created by the nasal blockages causes snoring.
  • Alcohol, smoking, and other habits: These habits are bad in many ways. They can cause bouts of snoring too due to relaxation of the throat muscles.
  • Posture while sleeping: Wrong sleeping postures can cause blockages of the airways leading to snoring.

overweight and snoring
age and snoring
nasal problems and snoring
smoking and alcohol cause snoring
sleeping positions

Problems caused by snoring:

Snoring can bring out many problems. We shall list out a few of them for clarity in understanding.

  • Snoring is a respiratory disorder. The main cause of snoring is the blocked airway because of the relaxation of your throat and neck muscles. This may cause your tongue to relax and fall back thereby literally choking you in the process.
  • Snoring can be quite irritating to your partner, especially if he or she is a non-snorer. Excessive snoring can cause frictions in your relationship. This can cause greater stress on your mind as well as the body.
  • Snoring can also cause heart problems and lead to a massive stroke if left untreated. Sleep apnea has close connection with cardiovascular problems. Research has shown that people with sleep disorders are more prone to cardiac problems if compared to others.
  • Snoring can cause disturbed sleep leaving you exhausted during the daytime. This may cause you to feel sleepy during the day thereby affecting your work as well as other activities. You may even fall asleep at the wheel of the car leading to severe accidents.
  • Snoring can also cause stress during the day. This can lead to further complications over a long period.

problems caused by snoring
problems caused by snoring and how stop snoring
problems caused by snoring (2)
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How to Get Rid of snoring Problem:

  1. Changes in lifestyle: Depending on the cause of your snoring, you have different kinds of cures. Exercise is the best cure for snoring due to obesity problems. Quitting smoking and reduction in alcohol intake can help reduce your snoring. You should avoid the use of sleeping pills and sedatives as consumption of such sedatives can relax the throat muscles thereby interfering with the normal breathing procedure. You should develop a regular sleeping pattern and have adequate sleep every time.
  2. Exercises to control snoring: You can do some bedtime exercise to get rid of the snoring problem. Snoring due to the blocked nasal passage can cease if you use a nasal decongestant prior to going to bed. You can also try changing your sleeping positions to get rid of the snoring problem. One way is to use specially designed pillows that can elevate your head in such a way that the jaw does not drop down.
  3. Medical Treatment: The main cause of snoring is the blockage of the airway thereby impeding the smooth flow of air. Use of a jaw supporter can play a great role in stopping snoring. The jaw supporter does the role of supporting the lower jaw during your sleep. This helps in keeping the airway open without any restrictions. This will eliminate the vibrations and hence cure you of the snoring problem.
  4. Using Portable CPAP machines – The Continuous Positive Airway Passage (CPAP) machine can help to keep the airway open during your sleep. It makes use of a technique where the machine blows air into a mask that you wear on your face while sleeping.

getting rid of snoring
bedtime yoga
specially designed pillow
specially designed pillows
no sleeping pills
no smoking and drinking
nasal decongestant
jaw supporter
Mini CPAP Machine

The Use of a Jaw Supporter in curing snoring:

The jaw supporter keeps the lower jaw in an upright position preventing the dropping down of the jaw during sleep. This position enables the free flow of air by increasing the three-dimensional space in the airway passage. The jaw supporter keeps the jaw in the upward position right through your sleep.

In a way, the jaw supporter works in the same way as the CPR does. The airway passage should be open to allow free passage of air. A restricted airway can cause snoring leading to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The jaw supporter can keep the jaw in an upright position. It does not fall down and thus does not block the airway.

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jaw supporters


Snoring is a dangerous problem. You should try to solve the issue as early as possible before it assumes greater proportions. Using the jaw supporter is one easy way of getting rid of the snoring problem. The solution is inexpensive and an effective method as well.

get rid of snoring

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