How to End Addiction on Your Own Terms

Addiction is a disease that can affect all walks of life. Young to old, rich or poor, religious or not, addiction is able to find its way into any life and ruin families. While most people believe they are immune to addiction, there is no way to know until you find yourself in such a situation. However, most people believe that their willpower alone is enough to beat the disease. This is not the case and can ultimately cause a quicker relapse.

The best route to beat an addiction is by seeking treatment in a licensed facility. Places like New Life House will provide support to help anyone affected by this debilitating disease to get the help they deserve. The most important tip to anyone looking to get their or a family member’s life back on track is to do your research.

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Explore Your Treatment Options

Treatment options vary between the types of rehabilitation you need. Most treatments follow the same path. The first step is detoxification which removes the drugs and manages your withdrawals. Next comes behavioral counseling: this is used to identify what causes your drug use and develop better-coping skills. Following counseling is medication which helps to manage with withdrawal symptoms and treat mental health conditions. Finally, a long term follow-up is crucial to preventing any relapse and to ensure sobriety.

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Types of Drug Treatment Programs

There are four different treatment programs that are available to people looking for recovery. The most intensive treatment is residential treatment. This usually involves living in a facility and abstaining from work, school, friends, family, and addiction triggers. This type of treatment usually lasts from a few days to several months. The follow up to residential treatment is living in a sober home. Someone in recovery will live with other people in recovery in a drug-free environment. These are important for those who leave residential treatment and don’t have anywhere safe to go.

Outpatient treatment is most ideal for those with a busy social life. These can be scheduled around work and school and the treatments are scheduled during the day. These treatments focus on the prevention of relapse prevention. Partial hospitalization is great for people who need ongoing medical monitoring but still live at home. The participate usually meet at the treatment for 7 to 8 hours a day and then return during the night.

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The Best Way to Treatment that Works for You

It is important to understand that not all treatments are the same and no treatment has worked for everyone. People are different and so are their needs. Each recovery process will be customized to the addiction you have. Most importantly, treatment should address more than just drug abuse. Addiction is not just affecting your health but your entire life. The only way someone can bounce back from an addiction is to treat every issue so they can have a full life. It is important, however, to commit to treatment. Treatment is not a quick fix, the longer the drug use, the longer it will take for treatment. It is important to ensure that you have many places to turn to for help throughout this process.

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It is never too late to find treatment options that work for your situation. No one is ever lost, and it is never too late to repair the damages caused by drug use. It is important that if you are struggling with addiction that you find the help needed as soon as you realize you have a problem. Just remember, the first step to recovery is simply admitting there is an issue.

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