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How to create a website with a web hosting domain?


How to create a website with a web hosting domain?


I’m thinking about developing a website for my company I’m starting and I am not thinking about purchasing a domain for high costs ,I realize that web sites like weeply or Google can perform site hosting? Which free ones would you recommend and when I create one, will it be shown in search engine like yahoo or Google search and become accessed?



First, domains and web hosting are different things. You can acquire a domain name for ten dollars each year and also you will never have it free. Obtaining a good web hosting account costs only around four or five dollars monthly. Even when you won’t want to pay for your hosting, you are able to make use of a free hosting service which you’ll find by searching into any search engine, however I don’t recommend utilizing a free service as you are creating a web site for your own business ,also free services will go down at any time and do not offer email features. Also, free services could make your company’s business seem less credible.

So, I suggest you to definitely purchase a .COM domain from Godaddy just for like ten dollars per year permanently and employ it together with your webhosting site. You can begin with free web hosting and upgrade to another paid web hosting account anytime. So, you’ll just change your hosting server while your domain title remains the same.

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