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6 Basics to Choose Your Host Company

The most important things you have to notice:
Do you feel that you are confused and can’t choose your host?
Do not worry this is natural to feel that you are trapped among hundreds and  thousands of hosting companies and each one of them try to have you as a client.
In this topic we are going to give you the most important points that enable you to choose the best one:
1.) the uptime: one of the most important things. For example if your uptime is (98,5%) it means that the site worked 708,2 hours and stopped 10,8 and this is somehow bad percentage as the site stopped about 11 hours. So you have to be sure that your host uptime is 99% and the closer to 100% the better the host company.
2.) technical support: the speed in answering your problem by the technicians shows the effectiveness of the company and you have to be sure that your host will be online for you 24/7 not only on the phone but in every possible way as the live chat and mail.
3.) price: the price came after the uptime and support as it differs from one company to another according to the characteristics of the company it is true that there is a relation between the price and quality but it does not mean that low prices have poor quality but you can define them according to the following:
  • disc space: the more the space increased the more the price increased
  • BANDWIDTH OR TRAFFIC: the amount of information gets in and out of the server
  • MYSQL DATABASE: the more the database increased the more the price increased
  • ADDON DOMAINS: some companies allow you use only one site and the more sites you use the more you pay.

4.) Backup copies: every hosting company must have backup copies and you must check this before being client.
5.) Restrictions and resources: the sources of the server like the ram and some companies do not allow you use xx mega.
6.) Site management tools: starting with the control board and having extra advantages.For example some companies does not allow you use CRON JOBS.
advantages-300x240 6 Basics to Choose Your Host Company
Which Company is the Best?
After deep analysis of hundreds of popular hosting company and from our users feedback, we found that Inmotion Hosting company is the best company.
It offers highest known uptime near to 100%, professional support, affordable prices, different plans to suit all needs, ability to upgrade anytime as your site grows, regular backups, quality rich features, long money back guarantee and more …

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