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How to choose the best hosting company?

How to choose the best hosting company?

Most of the web hosting companies offers you whatever you need to establish your own web site including providing you with space all the needed applications to establish your web page and move it to the suitable location.

Some companies offer hosting services for small amount of money but some of them are free and most of these companies announce their services on the site.

Also the paid amount differs from one company to another according to the available sites for example the cost of the money paid for a page consumes 10 mega byte differs from the one consumes 2 only


Put into your consideration the following steps when you search for best hosting company that meet your needs:

1.) Availability of MYSQL AND PHP: not most of the companies offer these tools which means that you have to pay extra costs for them as sometimes you have to pay for MYSQL database

The availability of PHP recent versions: most of the time the recent versions of PHP are not available so you have to search for PHP5 at least if you do not find PHP6 also some companies provide PHP4 version and PHP5 and PHP6 for those who need them.

2.) Reliability: you must search for a reliable company that don’t depend on old fashion devices or the uptime less than the downtime.

3.) Site loading: Slow sites may cause a lot of problems as the clients may get bored of waiting so they sort to leave the company also it may happen because the companies depend on old devices that the new clients have consumed the power of the company and in both cases you can’t rely on such companies

4.) Technical support: most of the companies do not hire technicians to answer your requests but instead you can have the answers by mail as long as you have it in short times. You can also know if this service available or not by calling them before becoming client in it.

5.) Backup copies: it is stored copies of the files as web pages and data base in case that you lost them so you must be sure that the company offer backup service and also you must know the period taken to recover your data so that you can recover your site.

6.) Features: you can define them according to the purpose you developed the site for usually every hosting company determine the main features, and the more you need the higher the costs you pay and you have to notice the following:

** Searching for hosting companies on GOOGLE will give you more than 400 million company and it will be difficult to choose from them so the best way to know is to ask those who have experience in this field and they will inform you of the best companies to deal with.


 What is The Best Hosting Company?

From our research and analysis, we found that best web hosting company is Inmotion Hosting company. It offers best quality features, highest reliability, fast page loading, professional support, many plans to meet all needs with ability to upgrade anytime, regular backup copies, affordable prices and long money back guarantee.

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