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How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Website

How-to-choose-a-domain-name-for-your-website How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Website
When planning on how you will build your website, one of the most basic steps that you need to consider is what’s going to be your website’s domain name and how to choose a domain name (website name).

A lot of website owners miss this important step and they risk a lot of time and money just to get their websites in front of their audience. Registering for a domain name is pretty simple, but coming up with a good domain name requires both creativity and strategy.

If you are not familiar with the terms in the internet, the domain name is simply the name of the website, commonly called as the website address. Domain names are the single word or phrase that appears in your web browser after the http:// and it usually ends with .com, .net, .tv, .biz and many others. When internet users type in your domain name in their web browser, they will be directed straight to your website. Your chosen domain name can have an impact on your website’s future. This is why you need know how to choose a domain name.

When choosing a domain name, you must first consider how you plan to bring visitors to your website. You can choose if you want your website to be brandable, discoverable or both. By knowing how you will drive traffic to your website can help save you a lot of time thinking of a good domain name. If you want people to get to know your brand name through your website, then it would be helpful if you use your brand’s name as the domain name provided that it is not yet taken by other people. Finding a good one word domain like Yahoo.com or Twitter.com can be very hard these days, as lot of people are trying to make some profits through domain name flipping.

So having a unique or made up word for your domain name can be your option to choose a domain name. But the problem with this is that you will need to spend more money just to promote your domain name. When deciding for a brandable domain name, it must be simple yet catchy, easy to remember and can be associated with your product. This is to help people recognize and remember your product. Some web experts say that having a unique domain name can be difficult and may require some time before the first few visitors drop by your website.

If you don’t have much budget for ads and other marketing promotions, then having a discoverable domain name would be ideal for your website. Instead of making up a unique word, what you’ll use is a keyword that is related to your website. It can be phrases like howtocureeczema.com or cameracasebags.com. These are websites that are about a very particular topic. You can get the highly searched keyword in your niche using Google’s free keyword tool. This can give you an idea of what people are searching for and how many searches does a keyword gets every month.


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