How to Budget Naturally When Settling Down

People nowadays are more focused on chasing their dreams, and at the same time wanting to live their lives. Whilst it is a great way to spend your life, you can’t help but notice the elephant in the room, which is where you want to stop chasing something in front of you ̶ whether big or small ̶ and actually start to live your life with those around you. A time will come when you’re on the edge of the earth staring into the beautiful sunset and wish you could spend it with someone dear to you, a family perhaps.

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Settling down is somehow a red flag for a millennial because most of them are wanderlusts. They want to move their feet and let the stars be their guide, being stagnant is a hiccup for most ̶ but for this generation, being stagnant is like being in a rock bottom. Though settling down doesn’t mean you’d have to stop moving, you’d still be doing a bunch of stuff that interests you. However, this time, you won’t have to be alone.

Of course, settling down means you’d have to have a place of your own. Though many of you would be thinking that it’s much better to rent an apartment, actually planting your roots in your own soil would really pay off in the long run. A very nice thought needed considering is building an Eco-friendly house.

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It isn’t a surprise to anybody that today’s generation is much more concerned about the current events ̶ such as politics, climate, pollution, and many more. It’s better to build yourself something that won’t cause you, or anybody around you, trouble. Having an Eco-friendly house won’t just say that you care for the environment, it also shows that you want to save on common expenses such as electrical and water bills.

As much as possible don’t cut any existing trees around your lot, better yet use it as a shade to keep your house cool and giving you that close-to-nature bliss. Also, cutting trees demands more time and money, just leave it be.

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Orient your house the correct way. In this case, you’d need an expert to help you figure out the best orientation that could trim your electrical bills down by simply facing active areas in your house- such as the living room, the library, etc- to the sunlight and putting angled windows to allow the natural lighting to bounce around your humble abode. Also, a good way is to vent it.

The best way to cut your water bills to half is having your own rainwater tank to harvest mother nature’s rainwater for your own personal necessities inside your house, and trust me, your home needs a rainwater tank, here’s why. Rainwater harvesting has come a long way not just for collecting rainwater, but also for cleansing it and putting it to good use rather than using it for cleaning out garages or bathrooms or any other areas in your house. It is also a much better alternative in flushing down toilets, doing your laundry, and for drinking.

Having a rainwater tank, especially in the areas rich in precipitation, is useful and an investment that’ll pay off in the long run.

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It is much better to live in the rural areas if you want to fully grasp the concept of being eco-friendly. There are more trees around, more of mother nature’s gift box hidden in plain sight. Everything is yours, and all she wants in return is that you take good care of it.

One best thing about settling down in an Eco-friendly house is that you wake up to birds singing good morning, breeze caressing your skin, fresh air to breathe in, and a great sunrise glancing through the mountains as if it were to wish you a great day ahead. Sometimes, it’s better to settle down, appreciate everything around you in this fast-paced era, than to keep on moving unsatisfied by the things you thought you needed.

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