how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns!

We’ve all been through the experience of being late for an important event and having to use a razor to remove all that extra hair we don’t want to flash, weather you’re a She in a sexy short dress or a He with a sad untrimmed beard. Yep, the good old razor saves the day very often, yet it is NOT always your best hero! Even while it is truly quicker than any of the other classic methods from waxing to hair removing epilator, the least painful as well; one may even assume it is totally pain free. But no! Sadly it is not.

Pain produced by razor burns is certainly one of the worst EVER, especially in sensitive areas like the bikini region or underarms. Men also commonly suffer from sensitive faces; accompanied by the heat of the summer, having a burning face could be your worst nightmare! But no worries, we’ve got all the tips you need to know in order to prevent such problem and sustain a peaceful calm skin.

To begin, we have to explain how you get a razor burn; well basically the reason is shaving improperly. YES! You have been shaving for years and years without knowing the correct way! Surprised right? Now, following are the best ways to avoid Adios razor burns, and to treat and soothe them.

1 Shave with the Grain!

Although it always seems more logical to shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth, it turns out the right way is to shave with it. Shaving against the hair growth will help you achieve the closest shave to the base of the hair but apparently it causes skin irritation and increases chances of getting razor bumps as it pulls the hair away from the skin before cutting it. It also increases the risk of ingrown hair, and trust us, you don’t want those red swollen pumps you get from it. How do you know which way the hairs are growing? Easy! Just run your hands across the selected skin area, then use a single-blade safety razor…we have a lot to say about razors though.

dirrection of beard hair growth good grain how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns! - 1

shaving in the direction of the hair grawth how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns! - 2

2 Choose your razor

Obviously you need your razor to be clean and sharp. Never shave with a dull razor; they tend to need more pressure on the skin to cut the hair and therefore cause uneven cutting as well which contributes in irritation. Also never ever use a rusty razor; keeping your razor in the shower or not washing and drying it well after usage causes the humidity to breed rust, along with microbes and bacteria that cause unwanted fungal infections. Also try replacing your razor as often as possible; the suggested average is from 3 to 10 shaves. Clean it regularly by rinsing it with hot water to remove gross buildup from your previous shaves. Since we mentioned cleaning the razor we should also point out this.

clean and sharp razor how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns! - 3

3 Clean skin

Having clean skin helps the razor glide easily while doing its job. Washing and exfoliating sensitive areas helps prevent burns. Among the most common ways of exfoliation are using loofahs and pre-shaving scrubs to remove dead skin, also for exfoliating arms and legs, a mixture of sugar and olive oil form a perfect homemade scrub. Another good tip is washing your skin with hot water before shaving to soften the hair then with cold water after shaving to tighten your skin and prevent ingrown hairs from forming. The more you pamper your skin the more it will give you back in terms of relief.

cleaning skin showering how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns! - 4

4 Use shaving Gel

Even more pampering, we know! Although you’re used to the cheaper way which is reaching out for the ordinary bar of soap or even shaving with plain water, it is not your best choice. Using a hydrating shaving gel/ foam/oil feels A LOT better; it reduces the friction between the razor and the skin and maintains the bodies essential softening oils, it also protects skin from moisture loss. Dry skin is more likely to get burnt. Also to be honest, foam feels SO good in your hands, nevertheless on your face! So that alone is a huge plus.

using shaving creams and foam how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns! - 5

5 Don’t over-shave!

Although you may feel it’s essential to go over the area again and again, please FIGHT this temptation. Shaving over the same area more than once can cause skin irritation and cuts. If you already followed the previous steps of using a sharp blade and having clean skin, one simple stroke should do the job without double checking. Also avoid pressing the razor too hard on your skin.

shaving without burns how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns! - 6

Now you know all the tips to prevent your skin from getting burnt, but in case you’ve already got some, here is how to treat your razor burns:

A Avoid irritation

If you use any perfume, deodorant, cream…Etc it will probably irritate the area, so avoid using any product that may contain chemicals. Also avoid tight clothing over the area or exposure to direct sunlight for a long while.

razor burns how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns! - 7

B Hydrate

You could use various products from store-bought to home remedies. Using the pure gel of the key ingredient “aloe vera” or any product containing it is highly recommended. It is very commonly found in creams and moisturizers. You can also use coconut oil instead as it has anti-inflammatory functions. Also any glycerin based product would be of use. Glycerin helps effectively in restoring skin functions. Some home remedies include using ice packs or a towel soaked in cold water, applying honey, cucumber or milk.

hydrating the skin skimping on sunscreen how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns! - 8

C Use antiseptics

Most people believe using aftershaves will help ease the burn, but trust us, it will only make it worse! Since burns are produced duo to knicks and bumps in the skin, the cleansing properties in aftershaves will only cause irritation and even possibly inflammation. The burn should be treated like a wound (even if it was just a tiny cut). Post-treating with an antiseptic could prevent further complications.

using antiseptic on razor burns how to Avoid and Soothe Adios razor burns! - 9

So here it is your complete guide to shaving with no more worries or pains! Just follow these tips and notice the difference, not only with burns but with your skin’s health in general.  If you still have problems with shaving, you should probably visit a dermatologist though; people with very sensitive skin tend to need more medical procedures. Now go enjoy your super smooth face, gentlemen, and legs, ladies!

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