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How Stock Market Trading is a Profitable Game

Future of VR:

Securities or stock market trading is considered a game where the first move towards a hot commodity guarantees significant profits. Since the beginning of the 21st century, it has become more apparent that the technology sector is a niche market for any stock market trader. According to experts at CMC markets one of the most exciting stocks to invest in are VR based companies. Virtual Reality or VR as it has become famously known as a new 3D graphics technology that allows an individual access a realistic realm through Tethered Head Mounted Displays. Currently, gaming, entertainment as well as real estate industries have been identified as the biggest users of VR technology a factor that we understand to be significant triton in reference to the technology is a good investment.

VR-technology-1024x576 How Stock Market Trading is a Profitable Game

In 2014, Facebook invested a total of 2 billion dollars in purchasing VR player Oculus. According to the financial analysts, the VR sector was on the verge of taking off. Currently, other major corporations such as HTC, Sony as well as Samsung are heavily in manufacturing VR Tethered Head Mounted Displays with similar expectations suggesting that the market is ripe for a boom. In the UK, a number of companies have caught the eye of experts in reference to investment for our clients. In the UK start-ups to watch include:


 MEL Science 

This is an EdTech startup based in Buckinghamshire founded in 2015. The business launched its VR chemistry lab in 2016 a product that generated 2.5 million dollars in revenue over a period of 6 months. The VR chemistry app allows its subscribers to view already conducted experiments by other chemists on a molecular level. It allows students to view as well as listen to instructions during an experiment. Experts say MEL is on the verge of including other education-based products that will increase the organization’s revenue; consequently making this company a good investment for the future.

MEL-Science How Stock Market Trading is a Profitable Game

 Inspasion Inc. 

This is real-estate based organization that uses VR technology to enhance interior design options for its users. The company has its UK base in Cambridge and has attracted interest from a variety of stakeholders such as the NHS. The use of VR has been discussed to being an industrial standard in the real estate market and a product such as invasion will most definitely be a significant investment.

Inspasion-Inc.-1024x576 How Stock Market Trading is a Profitable Game


As earlier explained Sony, HTC as well as Samsung have been increasing their investment in VR Tethered Head Mounted Displays for smartphones; consequently, there is a likely chance that VR smartphone app developers will stand to make high profits. Blippar was founded in 2011 and is one of the leading smartphone app developers in the UK. In 2017, the company attracted 99 million dollars from Qualcomm ventures as well as Khazanah Nasional in developing new age entertainment as well as information based VR apps for android powered smartphones. When you consider the role such devices are playing in our daily lives it is clear that this is a profitable venture.

Blippar-1024x682 How Stock Market Trading is a Profitable Game


This is a company developed at Oxford University by students Arfa Rehman and Scott Gorman that is primarily used to treat individuals with dementia. The business venture was developed in January 2017 and over the first four months of the year, its reminiscence therapy became recommended by the NHS as a leading treatment towards curing or reducing dementia. In the process, the organization has attracted 120 million dollars in investment from a variety of pharmaceutical companies as well as the NHS. Patients are required to pay a monthly fee of 49£in order to access this new form of medication. The US of VR technology in the medical industry is a flag to show investment success.

VRTU How Stock Market Trading is a Profitable Game

 Gravity Sketch 

This is a London based venture that uses VR 3D technology to give a visual representation of a drawing for instance a bridge. The product allows an unlimited user coverage and shows potential in the architectural as well as engineering industry. The product is also connected to a database that allows users to borrow ideas from other projects in order to increase credibility of their own creations.

Gravity-Sketch How Stock Market Trading is a Profitable Game

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