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How Professionals Sell Domains?

Maybe you have a good domain. Many people have domain names nowadays and many of these domain names are worth up to thousands of dollars. But if someone considers selling domain names, then that someone should have heard about brokerages and about the important role they have on this market.

There are many brokers that charge commission for selling people’s domains. Though, you can do this on your own. You are not obliged to ask for brokerages help. This fact has an advantage: you don’t pay commission so you make more money. There are statistics which say that selling domain names on your own means more money.

It is very important to have a spotless reputation if you sell domain names on your own. You can build such reputation only by being honest and serious. Keep in mind that unsatisfied buyers will spread negative words about your activity and this means you won’t be able to find buyers for your domains.

But a satisfied buyer will always tell other buyers about your high quality domains and professionalism and after a while everybody will know about your activity. You will gain this way new buyers but the old buyer won’t forget you neither, they will continue to deal with you.

Inexperienced sellers could place their domains on Sedo. Sedo will take care of the transaction and web visibility. But experienced sellers can sell their domains on their own. They leave posts on high traffic forums or on their high traffic blogs or on other high traffic blogs and this is how they gain visibility. The more people who know about your domain the higher is the probability to sell it for a good price.

Make sure your eventual customers know everything about your business and that everything is clear. A good reputation helps you very, very much. Deal with professionalism in every situation. Do not get annoyed, do not insult and if someone bothers you report that person to a moderator. Nobody wants to trade with an immature person because they can not be trusted. You have to show to your buyers that you know how to control every situation.

The final step in selling domain names is to ensure the buyers that the transaction won’t be obstructed by anything. Think about a protection for your customers. This way you show them that you care about their integrity and that you are a professional domain dealer.

Don’t do anything wrong because even the smallest mistake could cause a chain reaction: your buyer’s trust will disappear, he will tell other buyers that you can’t be trusted, your customers’ number will decrease, your sales will decrease and finally your income will decrease. So, if you want to sell domains on your own you have to be spotless but you will make more money because there won’t be brokers’ fees to charge you.


 How to Find Valuable Domains?

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This software offer many quality features which include: finding premium aged domains, keyword rich domains and many more…

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