How to Make Your Wedding Party Memorable

We all want our weddings to be memorable. For most of us, the day comes just once in a lifetime and we want to make it as special as we possibly can.

Wedding parties can go either way. They can either be great or be horrible, and sadly a lot of time they end up being horrible.

One of the main reasons why wedding parties fail is the failure to plan properly. There are tonnes of things that are needed to be taken care of for a wedding party to be a success. This is how you can make your wedding party memorable:

 Wow Everyone With A Dance With Your Partner 

All eyes are on the couple on their big day. You could show the love for your spouse by shaking your legs on the dance floor. However, an ordinary dance won’t carve memories.

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What you need to do is prepare for a dance that blows everyone’s mind. Learn dance and try to tell a story with your moves. You can enroll for a special session or hire a choreographer to teach you. If all this is not feasible, you can just learn online or ask one of your friends for help.

You can learn a specific dance form, such as salsa or just groove like you normally would. The key lies in preparing and telling a story with your moves. You can tell how you two met, how the love blossomed etc.

This is something everyone will talk about for years to come, and you can also revisit it down the line

 A DJ And A Band 

A party is not a party until it has great music. People expect you to have great music at the party as it is the life of any party. A wedding party is different from your typical parties. Here the music would mostly be soft and soulful and not loud and energetic. However, to entertain your guests you can also ask the DJ to play some dance numbers.

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Similarly, at the time of dinner you can ask the DJ and the band to keep it slow and create a moment of calm in the air. It will make the dinner more romantic and memorable.

Other than that, you can also ask the band to accept song requests from people and sing their favorite songs. If things permit, you may even have a karaoke session. This will give people a little more to do and make your party more fun. If you search for trending wedding favors you will realize how famous karaoke’s are.


Hire a decoration expert to decorate the place where the party would be held. You can have your wedding party arranged in your garden or you could rent a place if the list of your guests is long.

The decors must be ‘wow’. You can have a theme that tells a story. While most people turn to red and roses, we suggest you think out of the box and come up with creative ideas. You can use drapes and curtains as boundaries and have lamp lightings to create a romantic environment. Other than this, you can also have theme decor, such as yellow.

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 Surprise Your Partner 

Surprise your special someone by doing something extraordinary. You may buy them a nice gift or give a performance they would remember. It is all about putting your heart out and making your partner feel special by going all out to do something for him or her.

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