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How Healthy Eating Can Help Hair Growth

Healthy eating is difficult, particularly with the temptation of cakes and crisps; however, this could be having a profound effect on the way your hair is growing. Although some forms of hair loss are often hereditary and cannot be fixed with a simple change in diet, there are some turkey hair implants to help combat hair loss and bring the hairline back. This along with a healthy lifestyle will help to maintain the growth and keep your hair looking healthy all year round. Here, we are looking at how healthy eating can help you maintain healthy hair throughout.

1 Vitamins and Minerals

One of the main benefits of healthy eating is the vitamins and minerals that you gain from it. Whether this is vitamin C, iron or biotin, these all help to increase hair growth. By changing what you eat, gradually you can ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals that you need to give your hair the best possible chance of growth. It may also be beneficial to undergo a blood test to see what vitamins you are missing as this could also be harming the growth of your hair and may require medication to put right.

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2 Healthy Overall Lifestyle

Healthy eating and an overall healthy lifestyle will help to keep your hair shiny and healthy! Another key way that a healthy lifestyle can help to maintain hair growth is by keeping up with the amount of water that you are drinking. This helps to remove toxins from the body and keep the scalp as well as the skin as clear as possible. This will also help to balance out the PH of the skin, reducing the build-up of excess oils.

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3 Omega 3

Another benefit of healthy eating is the omega three that boost the strength in the follicles on the scalp. This will help to reduce dry skin and help to boost the follicle to help the hair appear sleek and strong. This fatty acid can be found in items such as fish as well as nuts, seeds and plant-based oils. This can be easily adapted within your diet with nuts and seeds as a snack at least once a week. This will help you to have an even balance of all the food groups and help to maintain healthy brain function.

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4 Protein

Healthy eating is also important as you need an equal balance of protein and fiber. Although protein has not been linked directly to a decrease in hair growth, it is important to note that protein stores can be taken from the hair to help the rest of the body, which can lessen hair growth consequently. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have an adequate amount of protein in your diet as this will help to keep your body as healthy as possible while promoting the growth of your hair, making it ideal.

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However you decide to keep healthy, it is essential to have a balance of foods to help with crucial body functions as well as promoting hair growth, allowing you to look great and feel great with a few simple changes.

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