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How do I start my very own webhost?


– How do I start my very own webhost?


– How can I start my own webhost with a very few money and have the ability to to keep up with all these competitors?



This is a very important question and considered a secret in that business, so you may not get the proper answer which you look for.

However, I will let you know that you may have to understand the set up of web sites in a server just beforeĀ  jumping in to the business. Otherwise you won’t have the ability to accomplish your own company’s business correctly. Without clients, you can’t hire a Network Engineer, who know how to set up a website.

First you ought to have your personal website, explain the business you are thinking about. Once you have your personal server, you ought to have ready clients to host their websites inside your server, or you’d be having to pay the rent of your server, without hosting any web site.

BUT, I recommend you start with a reseller web hosting company till you learn the basics. And one of the best reseller hosting companies which I use for +4 years till now is Eleven2 company.

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