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How Do I Become a Food Blogger?

According to some sources, a good to excellent food blogger can earn up to $150.000 per year through ads with AdSense, affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate programs, and selling e-books. To achieve this level of income, though, they put a lot of effort into increasing traffic to their blogs and becoming influencers with whom big corporations with huge advertising budgets are willing to cooperate. What are the main components of these food bloggers’ success? Let’s find out.

1 Uniqueness

Julia-Child-like blogs are too common nowadays, and the only way you can make a cook-at-home blog more interesting is by providing unique recipes for people searching for vegan/keto/sugar-free/lactose-free/gluten-free/calories-free dishes. It seems like these are small niches, but there are a lot of eating plans nowadays with thousands of adepts, and by becoming their source of information, you will benefit by having loyal followers with a distinct profile. You can also choose a country-specific cuisine to focus on, and in this case, educate your readers and be as authentic as possible. This is a good choice if you’re an immigrant, as you can explain to those who don’t have access to the products originally used in the recipes that you can use as substitutes if you only have an average supermarket nearby.

However, the best way to make your blog even more outstanding is by becoming a trailblazer, writing about something no one else knows about. You can cook using the recipes from your favorite pieces of literature (though this field is slowly dropping from trend status into the mainstream), use centuries-old cookbooks from specific regions, make fancy dishes with no cooking equipment, or do all your preparations from top to bottom (including harvesting your vegetables, catching your fish, grinding corn to make your own flour, etc.)

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food-blogging-675x887 How Do I Become a Food Blogger?

2 High-quality content

Today you need good photos to post on Instagram and Pinterest, and videos for your YouTube channel. Of course, you can ignore these platforms, but using them will increase traffic to your website and might become the source of the majority of your readers and subscribers. Texts alone are not enough to guarantee success nowadays. However, they are still important in several ways. First, you can add SEO keywords into your texts so that people searching via the internet for some specific information like “Korean food in Seattle” or “Harry Potter feast at home” would most likely see your site on the first page of Google results.

What is more, you can entertain your readers with some useful facts. For example, you can explain to them why one should salt meat beforehand or why you should only use Arborio for your risotto, as well as what compelled medieval cooks to use sugar for meat dishes and what the peculiarities of Chinese culinary traditions are. You need these complex topics if you want to educate your readers and provide them with some new information. That is why it’s sometimes better to send a “write my paper” request to an academic writing company and get help. These services are good with research and will send you exactly what you need with a bunch of reliable documents they used as sources.

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laptop-working-in-home-garden-2-675x365 How Do I Become a Food Blogger?

3 A team

When you create your own blog, even if you’re using something as simple as a WordPress template, you have to do plenty of additional things. You will have to create a web hosting account, choose a plugin to upload recipes and photos, and much more. That might be a bit difficult if you’re more about cooking and taking photos than learning all this tech stuff. Sometimes it’s easier to hire an outsource developer who will help you, or ask an IT-oriented friend for a bit of assistance. You will also need a whole production team if you’re about to develop a high-quality YouTube blog. For sure, most beginners have started off having their friends and family as their crew of producers, editors, and scriptwriters. Still, when you become a popular blogger, you have to improve the quality of your video content and hire additional people to help you.

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food-photography-675x451 How Do I Become a Food Blogger?

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