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How Can You Host Multiple Sites on One Website Hosting Account?


How can you Host Multiple sites on one Website Hosting Account?



1.To host multiple websites from one website hosting account you will have to choose a website hosting package which includes add on domain accounts or domain names as a feature.

2.Select the top level domain the website hosting account will be running under. It is your primary domain name you need to use.

3. Subscribe to a website hosting package which includes add-on domain names.

4. When you sign up you’ll receive your login information in addition to receiving a DNS server information out of your hosting company. Visit the domain registrar in which you’ve registered the various domains and alter the DNS server configurations towards the DNS servers supplied by your web host.

5. Inside your website hosting user panel at your website hosting account choose the add on feature option. You will be able to point the extra domains to some sub folder within your primary website hosting account. This task will register the extra domains using the web server app. Now the web server will listen to the incoming HTTP request according to the host name (also known as domain name). Incoming http requests for add-on domains will be forwarded to the right sub folders.

6. Develop various website files then upload these files to the matching sub folders.



* Choose a hosting company that has a minimum of 50 add-on domain names using their website hosting packages.


* Choose a website hosting package which contains sufficient disk space and bandwidth.


* If you want more options for every domain you need to host, take into your consideration obtaining a reseller website hosting package. These packages provide you with the ability to create different website hosting accounts for every domain. You can get reseller packages for a cheap price.

* Generally you receive what you purchase. If you chose a cheaper web host, the expected quality is going to be lower.

* Subscribe to website hosting packages for 12 to 24 months and save a lot in your website hosting costs.



* Unlimited website hosting isn’t limitless. Although, unlimited website hosting packages could be a terrific way to cut costs down initially before you grow your hosting.

* Never rely on your internet host to possess current backup copies of the websites. Build your own backup copies..


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