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How Can I Make My Best Friend’s Birthday Special?

Long gone are the days of birthday parties that require little more than a few party hats, balloons, and cupcakes. Those worked when we were younger, but nowadays, it is about not only throwing a party but shaping and developing memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

While planning a birthday party for your very best friend often generates excitement about the fun you are about to create, there are real concerns you have to take into account. There is cost, how big of a gathering you want, and how to keep everyone entertained. No one wants to break the bank or be the person who threw a boring party.

So what is a group of pals in Raleigh to do for a friend’s birthday?

 1 Create a Unique Escape Room Birthday Celebration

Imagine an evening with your closest friends where you get to do puzzles, sometimes more than one at a time, unravel mysteries, decipher clues, and laugh while you are doing it. Now imagine having to find hidden jewels, combination locks, and decode the actual writing on the wall.

Being able to work together with people you know and trust can make escape room adventures even more exciting than they already are. By taking on different roles to piece together the information each room contains, you and your friends get to show off your skills and ultimately, earn bragging rights for getting out in time.

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 2 The Roles People Play

Each of us has a natural skill set that comes in handy when trying to get out of an escape room. For example, the natural born leader of the group is probably the person you want directing how you are going to play the game. The friend who likes to record everyone’s input is a valuable resource as the team note taker. Designate the friend who loves to explore and wander to check out the rooms and clues before the team does, so they can glean necessary information that will help you escape. And having someone on the team who keeps everyone motivated while encouraging the team to press on, is a terrific asset too. By playing on your skills, you all become a true team.

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Consider an Escape Room For Your Friend’s Birthday

In addition to their increase in popularity in the last several years, escape rooms have become a fantastic way of bringing small, sometimes intimate groups of people together for the sake of having a good time. There is no need to throw a forgettable party that looks like everyone else’s when what you can have is an interactive experience that gets the creative juices flowing.

Quite honestly, it might seem a little odd to pay to be locked in a room with nothing more than some seemingly esoteric clues, vague hints at how to escape, and the pressure of a ticking clock. And yet, an escape room in Raleigh keeps people engaged, inspired, and interactive in ways they have never been before.

By choosing friends with whom you can brainstorm, work hard, and have fun, you are sure to give your best friend a birthday gift they will never forget. Gift them a unique, one of a kind escape room adventure, and you can be sure they will remember the exhilaration and excitement of the day for years to come.

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