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How Can I Clean My Make-up Brushes?

Are your make-up brushes clean or dirty? Do you clean them regularly? How do you clean them? Cleaning your make-up brushes is a necessity to keep your skin protected from any diseases or skin problems that can make you suffer without knowing the main reason behind this problem. You may say that you keep your make-up brushes away from dust and this is why there is no need to clean them because they are already clean. What you say is not true at all as dust is not the only thing to make your make-up brushes dirty. There are other factors that are responsible for making the make-up brushes that you use dirty in just a few weeks such as the natural oil of your face and even the make-up itself that you use. Whether you are aware of that or not, you have to know that cleaning your make-up brushes is essential for keeping grime away, leaving your skin healthy and making your make-up brushes softer than they are.

♦ Rinse the make-up brushes using warm water

Rinse your make-up brush by putting the bristles under water which is little bit warm and try to keep the metal clasp of the make-up brush away from water in order not to damage the glue that keeps the bristles together in their place. Rinsing the bristles of make-up brushes helps in removing old make-up. Using hot water is not recommended at all since it results in damaging the glue and the bristles themselves.

♦ Prepare a mixture of shampoo & water

Bring a teaspoon of any shampoo that you have and mix it with just ¼ cup of water, warm water and not hot water in order not to damage the bristles. Stir the shampoo with water quickly in order to create bubbles that help in cleaning your make-up brushes.

♦ Put the make-up brush in your mixture

Put your make-up brush in the mixture that you prepared before and make sure that water does not reach the metal clasp of the brush’s handle. Just the bottom half of the bristles should be in the mixture and not more than this in order to keep the bristles in their place without damaging the glue.

♦ Massage the bristles after removing the brush

After swirling the bristles in the mixture, remove the brush and massage or press the bristles trying to loosen any dirt or old make-up on the bristles.

♦ Clean the bristles by rinsing them

Put the make-up brush under water, slightly warm water and not hot water, and keep massaging the bristles gently while being under water until the water becomes clear which means that the make-up brush is now clean and not dirty anymore.

♦ Remove moisture using a towel

It does not matter whether it is a face towel or clean dish towel because both of them are suitable for absorbing some water and removing moisture. Keep patting the bristles gently and do not forget that the towel which you use should be clean and dry.

♦ Get the shape of the bristles back

After gently patting the bristles using a clean towel, use your fingers to spread the bristles trying to reshape them and get their first shape back.

♦ Leave the make-up brush on a clean towel

After reshaping the bristles of the make-up brush using your fingers, leave the brush on a clean and dry towel to be completely dry.

♦ It is now ready to be used

Leave the make-up brush until it becomes entirely dry and after that fluff the bristles to make the brush ready to be used like a new one which is completely clean.