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How And When To Give Flowers To A Woman?

Do you want to give flowers to a woman but don’t know how to give them to her? Are you looking for tips on how to select and succeed with your floral gift?  You’ve come to the right place.

Here are tips to help you find your way through the options available to you. In the following lines, I will share with you my knowledge on this subject so that you can find the answers to your questions.

There are many occasions to give flowers to a woman: a romantic present, a celebration of happy news, birthday bouquet or simply for pleasure, without any particular reason. To please her for sure, choose colors that she likes, and don’t hesitate to use the language of flowers to give a symbolic value to your gift. Finally, you can choose the way the flowers will be presented: a single flower, a bouquet, an arrangement, or a flowering plant. Looking for an original floral gift? Think of eternal roses and rose bears, which will surprise your partner!

1 For What Occasion To Give Flowers To A Woman?

Many events in life can be pretexts to give a flowery gift to a woman you appreciate.  In this first part, I propose a small non-exhaustive list of reasons that can lead you to make this type of present.

Giving Flowers To Celebrate Love

Since ancient times, especially in art and literature, the gift of flowers has been an absolute symbol of romance. Flowers are thus a universal message of love that can be given:

  • On the first date, or during the following ones, show your attachment
  • During the major stages of your life together: moving in, engagement, etc., to symbolize this new stage in your relationship For the lovers’ day, Valentine’s Day, on February 14th.
  • For the birth of a child, to celebrate the new status of mother of the woman you love

Other Ideal Occasions For A Floral Gift

It is possible to give flowers to a woman for many other reasons, including:

  • For her birthday.

In this case, consider giving her a bouquet with the number of flowers corresponding to her new age to mark the occasion. For the holidays, to bring a little nature into the house  For her birthday. She’ll appreciate this token of affection on this occasion.

  • To congratulate her on a graduation or even a promotion.

A Tender Attention To The Everyday

Does there have to be a reason to give flowers? Not at all!

Giving flowers for no particular reason, on a daily basis, to show that you are thinking of your partner, is a romantic surprise that will surely be greatly appreciated by the lucky recipient.

GIVE-FLOWERS-TO-A-WOMAN How And When To Give Flowers To A Woman?
Consider giving her a bouquet with the number of flowers corresponding to her new age to mark the occasion.

2 How To Choose The Flowers To Give?

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to give flowers, it’s time to choose what your gift will consist of. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask your florist to help you choose.

In the meantime, I will give you some tips to please the recipient of your gift.

  • GIVE MEANING TO HIS GIFT USING THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS As we saw in the previous lines with the Rose, flowers can carry a hidden meaning and significance. If you would like to be inspired by the language of flowers to make your gift, here are some hints to make your choice:
  • Hyacinth: kindness and gentleness
  • The Orchid: love and fertility
  • In the Far East, this flower is considered to have aphrodisiac properties.
  • Lily of the valley (around May 1st): good luck
  • Peony: shyness
  • Tulip: greatness, fame.
  • The red Tulip corresponds to a declaration of love.
  • White lily: purity of feelings
  • The Amaryllis: beauty, coquetry. This flower can be offered to signify to a woman that she is beautiful.
  • Pink carnation: sincerity
  • White lily / Orchids / Amarylis

Have you decided to use the language of flowers?

Remember to explain the meaning of your gift to the woman you are giving it to. She will be happy and surprised to discover the message you want to convey through your choice of plants.

Be careful, though, as some flowers should be avoided for a love gift. These include:

  • Chrysanthemum (especially white). This flower is traditionally associated with death and mourning in the West.
  • Anemone

Superstitious people never offer it on wedding anniversaries: it would be a bad omen. It is never used in bridal bouquets for the same reason.


To make your gift successful, it is important to take care of your choice of colors.

If you’ve been to her house before, you can trust her decor. She will appreciate that her gift matches her home.

If you have not been to her home, you can observe her clothes, her jewelry… to know if she prefers warm or cold colors. If she wears a lot of bright colors, brightly colored flowers will surely please her!

If you’re not sure, you can opt for pastel flowers. These soft colors have the advantage of being very easy to match and appeal to a large number of people.


Considered the queen of flowers, the Rose has great success for romantic gifts. It evokes love, of course, but depending on the color chosen, its meaning is tinged with nuances. Here are the keys to decoding the meaning of these colors:

  • Red: passionate love
  • Pink: tender love
  • White: pure love
  • Yellow: jealous love (Beware, the yellow rose is often associated with infidelity…)
  • Orange: joyful love, friendship
  • Lilac: love at first sight

The color of the roses is not the only thing that matters: indeed, the number chosen can have a meaning too:

  • 1 rose: first date, love at first sight
  • 3 roses: declaration of love
  • 5 roses: admiration
  • 9 roses: romance
  • 12 roses: marriage proposal
  • 17 roses: to celebrate your 17 years of marriage or wedding anniversary
  • 50 roses: love forever
  • 100 roses: infinite and eternal love
  • Below 12 roses, I advise you to always choose an odd number to achieve a harmonious bouquet.
GIVE-FLOWERS-TO-A-WOMAN-1 How And When To Give Flowers To A Woman?
Considered the queen of flowers, the Rose has great success for romantic gifts.


These rather classic gifts still appeal to many today. They highlight the flowers you have chosen and decorate the house for sometimes more than ten days, depending on the maintenance and freshness of the chosen plants.

Concerning the bouquet, this one can be round, in height, pyramidal, blurred… Do not hesitate to ask something original to the professional who will realize it.

The blurred country bouquets are currently very fashionable and appeal to many people.

If you don’t know if the person you are sending the gift to has a vase, you can have your bouquet wrapped in a water bubble or opt for a composition.

In this type of arrangement, the flowers are set in hydrophilic foam and are therefore hydrated for a long time. You have chosen to have an arrangement made? In this case, you can vary the shapes and colors: For something spectacular and imposing, choose a composition stitched in height.

For something more discreet, more tender, I recommend a low and rather rounded composition.

So remember the importance of the type of flower and their number when it comes to roses. Now you know when and how to give flowers to a woman!

GIVE-FLOWERS-TO-A-WOMAN-1 How And When To Give Flowers To A Woman?
remember the importance of the type of flower and their number when it comes to roses.

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