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Hottest 70+ Spring Nail Colors for 2023

With spring just starting and warmer weather, it’s time to change your nails accordingly and hope for the 2022 trends!

Spring is a very exciting season, and here’s where you get to play around with colors and embrace many nail styles- from French nails to metallic and even floral!

With 2022 being full of many styles and everyone expressing their styles freely, there have been many eye-catching and unique trends which will definitely inspire you!

1 Vibrant Neon

Spice up your spring with vibrant colors to lift up your mood and give a beautiful addition to your spring fashion. Bright colors that are perfect for spring are green, blue, yellow, and pink.


Creamy brown nails give your nails a soft look and also make them look almost natural according to the color you choose. Shades such as 2 am In Sydney are a hot and trendy color that you should definitely try on!

3 Floral Nails

With spring being known as the “colorful season” and where flowers start to bloom, it’s perfect to enjoy spring with floral nails. They are very colorful and eye-catching; you will also have a wide range of base colors to choose from, such as turquoise, off-white, yellow, and many more!

Your floral nails can also be vintage, classic, or colorful to match your comfort as well as the trends.

4 Sunset Nails

The sky is full of many beautiful colors, and it’s very mesmerizing, especially sunset colors, which have shades from blue to violet to pink to orange and yellow. Having these colors on your nails will give you a very outstanding look, and you can also have an ombre style of these colors where it’ll look as if you have sunset scenery on your nails!

5 Red Nails

Red nails are very classy and sexy and tend to never die out of trend. You can have them on any nail shape. It’ll give you a hot spring look and will go very well with a black velvet dress which would complete the sexy spring night out look.

6 Shades of Green Nails

There are many shades of greens, bright emerald green has been a hot trend for a while, and it’s very perfect for springtime as well. You can have shapes drawn as well with your green nails, and they’d perfectly match with gold or black outlines.

7 Classic French Nails

French nails are the simplest and most classic types of nails which match everything and all styles, and they’ve been an ongoing trend for many years now but guess what? They are still a hot trend in 2022, and you can consider having them when you want something elegant and simple.

8 Colourful French Nails

As we know, French nails are a trend that won’t die, but what if you get bored of the classic white French nails? This is where you can spice it up by changing the color of the tips. They should be pastel colors, and instead of having just one color for all your nail tips, you could also have a different color for each nail, and you could also have pastel rainbow French nails, which are so cute!

9 Animal Print Nails

A very outstanding nail style is animal print, and currently, the best animal print which is trending is zebra nails. They are very easy to draw on using the right tools. They don’t have to necessarily be on a white base color but instead, you could try on different variants on bold colors or even draw zebra print on an ombre background which will spice up the look and make it more fun!


10 Periwinkle Nails

This is a must-try-on shade for the spring season. It is suitable for those who love bold colors, and it is a color that resembles many things such as energy, calmness, and confidence. From The Woman in The Moon, semi-sheer periwinkle crème is recommended.

11 Hot Pink Nails

A very confident nail color to have on is hot pink, which is very perfect for the bright color of spring. It is a beautiful color and looks extremely gorgeous on nails as well as gives extra heat to your trendy spring looks!