75+ Hottest Looking Nail Shapes for Women in 2022

Most women like using nails to enhance their beauty. If you are one of them, there is no doubting the fact that you have come to the right place. Pouted magazine in this post aims to help you discover the various Nail shapes for women. Check out each of them below.

What You Need To Know

There are different types of acrylic nail shapes you need to be aware of. Each of these has its features, including pros and cons. For instance, round-shaped nails have made many headlines in recent times. Most women claimed they used it more often than any other nail shape due to its ability to remain firm. In other words, it doesn’t break easily.

There is still a powerful argument, though, as some women have claimed that oval nails revealed above are the strongest. Apart from durability, acrylic nail shapes can enable you to stand out in public. Imagine looking beautiful in a simple and classy way. The truth is that acrylic nail shapes are a great way to improve your manicure. They are perfect for different categories of nails (short, medium, and long). Find out some of them below.

1 Coffin Nail Shapes

There aren’t many nail shapes like Coffin. It is classic, classy, and feminine. Could these be the reasons why most women prefer it to other options? There is something that has made this nail shape popular in recent times. This is how it can create the impression that your hand is long. In a nutshell, it is ideal for people with short hands and fingers.

It doesn’t mean that if your fingers are long, Coffin nail shapes can’t be used. Due to their highly flexible and versatile nature, they can be used by all and sundry. One of its popularity is how celebrities have used it in the past. These could be Halsey, Ariel Winter, Kylie, and Khloé.

Things To Avoid

With a coffin nail, you should avoid hitting your computer keyboard very hard, opening snacks without caution, and playing sports.

The Coffin is classic, classy, and feminine.

2 Oval Nail Shape

Ever since this nail shape came into existence, women can’t get enough of what it has got to offer. One of the advantages is its natural and classy nature. Even if your nails are short, an oval nail shape can make the difference. Moderation is the key while trying to fix this nail, though. In other words, ensure not to file too much or too little.

Most women have complained in the past that this is one of the trickiest and most complex nail shapes amongst others. So long as you are doing as explained above during filing, it can be executed without hassle. However, acrylics will need to be added for those with short nails. Another alternative you can use is gel overlays.

Do you want to know the best part about oval nail shapes? It is the fact that you are free to do anything. In other words, there is no restriction regarding things you can do.

An oval nail shape can make a difference.

3 Almond Shape Designs

The origin of the “almond” can be traced to its tip, which is characterized by a round base. There have been lots of arguments about almond and oval nail shapes. Some people believe that both are the same. However, some hold opposite views. The truth is that the latter group is correct because almond designs are pretty different from oval designs explained above. For instance, their sides are slightly tapered. This shape is glamorous once done correctly.

Whether your nails are long or medium, this is the right shape to use. You only need to ensure the perfect color combination has been chosen. For best results, you should stick with shiny, metallic, and plain colors. It is not the best option for people with short nails because it requires plenty of lengths to be noticed.

What To Avoid

If you choose almond nails, avoid the following activities to make them last longer as expected.

Whether your nails are long or medium, this is the right shape to use.

4 Oval Acrylic Nails

One of the most common nail shapes for women is oval acrylic nails ticks all boxes. They are round and have corners that tend to curve inwards. The reason for this is the nail plate which is filed into a slender shape. This nail shape is great for short, medium, and long nails.

However, you will get much better results with medium and long nails. People choose them because they create a more balanced look than other nail shapes for women. After all, narrow beds are widened. Also, they are very strong; thus, they don’t break easily. This nail shape gives you a combination of beauty and durability.

This nail shape gives you a combination of beauty and durability.

5 Square Nails

Are you thinking about creating a perfect nail shape without wasting time? This is where the square nail shape has the edge over others. It is probably one of the easiest to create. You don’t need any special knowledge or skill to create one today. Best of all is that it is a natural beauty. The primary characteristic of this shape is its square edges. The only problem is that you need to fill the corners regularly since they can quickly become jagged.

Just because it is easy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise utmost caution when creating one. For instance, the file must remain perpendicular to your nail while filing the sides. Anything short of this means you could end up getting a U-shaped nail (concave). Square edges are perfect for fake and natural nails. However, your nails should be long and narrow.

Square edges are perfect for fake and natural nails.

6 Long Stiletto Nails

Many people believe that Long Stiletto Nails are not comfortable to wear. This is not correct in any way. They will ensure you are looking elegant and comfortable in public. This option is perfect once your nails are short and want something long. Please note that they are very much different when compared with coffin nails. Instead, they are skinny, sharp, and long.

Many preferred theirs to be very long. If you have always loved the idea of wearing something that can call the attention of others in public, this is probably one of the best nail shapes that can meet your needs. It can help to ensure your nails have a feminine appearance.

The major drawback is that with these nails, be prepared not to use your hands as a tool for completing different tasks. Although it is beautiful, you will be limited in lots of ways.

7 Round Nails

These nails are classic and will always remain relevant in the world of fashion. Although they have got short lengths, their tips and edges are curved. This makes them appear simple and elegant once used. It is easy to compare round nails with oval nail shapes for similarities. At this point, moderation is the key to getting the best results.

Ensure that your round nails aren’t too long. Anything more can make them go out of shape. It is one of the few nail shapes that doesn’t break easily. This is the perfect nail shape to choose if you are still using your hands.

8 Ballerina nails

These are the same thing as coffin nails. The only difference is that their sides seem a little bit more curved before hitting your flat tip. Please note that this is one of those Nail shapes for women who will require visiting the salon for regular maintenance. For best results, you can stick with glitter gradients or rhinestones.

9 Lipstick Nails

Apart from being characterized by a straight-across square shape, these nails look beautiful. It is done using acrylics. Therefore, ensure that it is properly maintained to radiate true beauty. It is a trendy nail shape that can make anyone look very bold in public.

Final Words

Having seen all of the above, it is pronounced that there are numerous nail shapes that women can choose from. These options are plentiful and can make you stand out in public. It is all about considering their pros and cons before making your choice.

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