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20 Hottest Earring Trends for Women in 2018

Earrings – an essential component of your wardrobe ; a jewellery piece no girl can skip to complete her stylish and ravishing look. Check out some of the hottest earring trends which will rule the fashion industry this year.

1 Studs

The most and all time favorite are stud earrings. Usually prefered by women who like minimized jewelry. They are available in all the the precious stones- gold, silver, ruby, sapphire etc. The size and the stone quality determines the price of stud earrings but once worn will surely make you look classy and elegant.

2 Hoops

Evolved during the 60s, the hoops are quite popular since then as they add the retro effect to your overall look. Being circular in shape, they perfectly compliment your jawline and checkbooks to better define your facial features without much of makeup.

3 Drop

Dropping just below the earlobes, drop earrings are another top choice for any festive or casual occasions. The drop earrings can have any of gemstone, charms or beads attached directly from the base of the earring that sway with the movement.

4 Dangling Earrings

Similar to drop earrings, dangling earring move more freely than the former . They are attached to the ear through a small wire and connected to the hook at the back of the ear. They are available in all different shapes and sizes and any design you can think of.

5 Huggie earrings

Huggie earrings appear hugging through the ear lobes when worn.These earrings have hinge at the top which allows the post to open into two halves. They are generally smaller but look magnificent. Available in plethora of sizes, they can be made out of precious stones like diamond, gold,pearl, sapphire or rubies.

6 Moon shaped Balis

Ideal for all traditional occasion,  moon shaped balis popularly known as chand balis are a fresh delight to our eyes. Chand balis can be crafted with either pearls, stones, crystals, kundan work or meenakari work to make you look dead gorgeous and complete your ethnic look.

7 Clip Earrings

Clip earrings also known as clip-on earrings are screwed onto the outside of your earlobe rather than inserting into the pierced hole.Great choice for women who  havent pierced their earlobe. Clip earrings are available in many different sizes and shapes and have multiple backing options.

8 Ear Chains

Ear chains have a chain attached  with the  earring extending upto the cartilage without the need of piercing the cartilage.  Looks quite cool as it fills the entire ear  and is an ideal choice for any casual outings.

9 Needle earrings

The versatile moulding of the basic hoop earrings resulted into needle earrings. They are quite trendy and funky and make you stand off the crowd. They are light weighted , long needle shaped chain going through the earlobes and making you look smashing.

10 Feather Earrings

Another quite popular casual earring style which is on rise  are the feather earrings. Feather earrings are available in different colors and patterns  and prices.Pair it up with your summer dress to get a chic BOHO look.

11 Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings never fail to impart a stylish timeless vintage look.Wear it as the stud or as a dangling  earring, this style will never fade away. Opt for sexy long dangling style pearl earrings  for any parties, weddings or social events while the geometric shaped single earrings are apt for any casual or office look.

12 Lace earrings

Lace earrings is a new contemporary product which can be created with minimal efforts. Make good use of lace laying around you and turn them into beautiful delicate earrings. Attach some colorful beads or pearls to make your ear piece look more magnificent.

13 Ethnic Earrings

Complementing the festive or wedding look are the ethnic earrings. Choose long heavy blingy ear pieces  to suit your mesmerizing  ethnic look . Ethnic earring are available in different cuts and shapes , crafted with precious stones, pearls perfect for every occasion.

14 Earcuffs

Earcuffs are trendy, funky look which is a quite hit among females. It wraps around your ear like a bobby pin. It looks glamorous and cool at the same time. Available in different shapes, sizes and themes and embedded with precious or semi-precious stones, they look dazzling with any outfit you choose.

15 Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings always thrived to catch the attraction of every women. Chandelier earrings are available in all the options one can think upon – the pearls,stones, beads , they always looked stunning and versatile with any ethnic outfit you wear.

16 Jhumkas

Jhumkas are a popular choice for any traditional or festive occasion. Looks great with simple kurtis or with heavy ethnic wear. Give a skip to your necklaces by choosing heavy jhumkas. Available in wide variety and options, jhumkas will always add an oomph factor to your appearance.

17 Cartilage Earrings

Another cool trend nowadays is to have the ear cartilage pierced and just fill your ears with multiple earrings. Cartilage earrings are available in all shapes and size and made out of all materials like beads, stone, plastic, metal, but choose carefully as cartilage piercing is painful and takes much longer to heal than earlobe.

18 Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are a new fresh creation created with simple and colorful threads or beads. One such tassel earring which became the talk of the town was introduced by Deepika Padukone. Don’t hesitate to try this strong style statement to rock your gorgeous look this year.

19 Double Sided Earrings

Double sided earrings are more edgy than your regular studs as they expand all over your ear lobe. Available in quite different patterns-the most common are the crystal balls filled with flowers or the round pearls in the front or the square stone at the back .This new trend is gripping the fashion market quite fast and is being loved by one and all.

20 Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are a major comeback which is now ruling the fashion industry. These are normally big and brightly colored which are captivating and intimidating. Pair it with a white tee or any off shoulder top or any casual dress, these earrings are a perfect fit for any occasion you can think of.