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20+ Hottest Christmas Jewelry Trends 2019

Most of the women consider wearing jewelry as one of the necessities that are required for enhancing their beauty and elegance especially while attending different important occasions. Jewelry is also used to decorate different things we wear such as clothes and accessories to make them look more luxurious. So, no one can deny that jewelry is really effective and has the ability to change the whole appearance from being traditional and ordinary to another look which is catchier and more impressive. Because jewelry has a great effect on our look, there are different changes that are always added to them by creative jewelry designers to keep pace with the latest changes in the world of fashion that is always changeable in order not to be boring and to suit the different seasons that we have in the year. Christmas is going to come soon and this is why we have to prepare ourselves for welcoming it through taking a look at the latest trends in the world of fashion and jewelry. To help you to know what to choose for enhancing your elegance on this happy occasion, we present to you the following hottest Christmas jewelry trends.

► Crystal statement necklaces: Most of the jewelry pieces that are presented for the next year tend to be large in their sizes and this trend was also present in the last year. Statement necklaces which are adorned with large crystal flowers are among the hottest trends for the next year.

► Single earring: You can consider it as really one of the best, newest and hottest trends for the next year. Instead of wearing traditional pair of earrings, you can wear just one earring which is large, catchy and elegant at the same time. What do you think of this trend? Do you like it?

► Gold jewelry: Gold is one of the most common materials that you are going to find in the next year whether it is in bangles, hoops or chokers.

► Oversized hoops: Gold hoops which are large in their size and are inspired by bamboo are among the hottest jewelry trends for the next year.

► Pendant earrings: Earrings and other pieces of jewelry are not just large in their sizes, but they are also long even earrings that come in the shape of pendants. Pendant earrings which are long to the extent that they touch your shoulders are hot for the next year.

► Statement cuffs: Forget about the simple and small cuffs that we used to wear and prepare yourself for wearing statement and oversized cuffs.

► Three-finger rings: Those rings which adorn three fingers and are also called triple rings are among the hottest trends in the coming year. Multi-rings that decorate the four fingers will be also common in the next year.

► Geometric shapes: Gold triangle earrings will be very common in the next year. You will also find other geometric shapes that you like.

► Hand bracelets: Instead of the traditional bracelets that adorn your wrist, you can choose hand bracelets that beautify your hand.

► Watch belts: We used to wear watches around our wrists, but the hottest jewelry trend that you are going to find in the next year is that you are going to wear watches around your waist as an elegant piece of accessory in the form of a belt.

► Torc necklaces: Those gold Torc necklaces are among the hottest trends that are presented by jewelry designers in the next year and are perfect for formal occasions.

► Gold chains: Layered gold chains were present in the last year and they will stay with us for the next year. The gold chains come in different numbers and lengths to choose what suits you.

► Mirrored necklaces: Those necklaces which are made from different metals that reflect light are hot for the next year.

► Tribal & Oversized chain-link necklaces: Tribal necklaces are perfect for those who like wearing different pieces of jewelry that have a handcrafted look and feature colored beads. Oversized chain-link necklaces which are short in their length are also fashionable and trendy for the next year.