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15 Healthiest Food Trends You Must Follow in 2019

We always care about what we wear and what is presented by the world of fashion and we also look for the different ways that are presented to us every year to show us how spend our free time, but what about the food that we eat? It is not less important than all the trends that are presented to us and this is why we present to you some of the hottest food art trends to know more about what you are going to eat in this year. You will discover that there are different types of food which are going to leave us while there are others that are going to dominate what we will eat this year. To discover more about all of this, take a look at the following hottest food trends of next year.

♦ More vegetables: The vegan movement dominates what we eat in this year and it also affects the menus that can be found in restaurants which allows you to find at least one vegetarian food entrée when you decide to eat at a restaurant instead of depending on meat in what you eat.

♦ Nuts: Depending on healthy nuts and seeds which are rich in protein is one of the hottest trends in this year for getting the needed energy and protein.

♦ Healthy meals for kids: One of the worst and most serious problems that parents face with their children is obesity which is caused by unhealthy food. This is why there are several healthy kids’ meals that are presented in this year to help parents to fight childhood obesity. You will find yogurt, fruits such as apple and more baked fries which are better and healthier than French fries.

♦ Gluten-free: Exclude the protein gluten from your diet or keto snacks diet and avoid using wheat gluten. You will find many gluten-free products in this year, depending more on buckwheat which is used for making pasta noodles will increase and there will be more use of amaranth, quinoa, and other super-nutritious grains.

♦ Mash-up dishes: Did you try before to bring different ingredients and mix them with each other to finally create a new dish that you did not taste before. A mash-up dish such as a dessert pizza which is topped with a combination of chocolate, strawberries and coconut is one of the hottest food trends for this year.

♦ Biscuits: They are going to be among the most popular foods in this year and they can be also prepared as sandwiches. You can prepare biscuits for your children instead of croissant buns and pretzel.

♦ High-quality pizza: Using low-quality ingredients for making cheap pizza will disappear because there are many professional pizza chains that are expanding for presenting better-quality pizza in different areas.

♦ Chicken wings: Instead of being presented as just bar food, you will find them added to the menus of restaurants.

♦ Umami: Did you hear about it before? It is known as one of the five tastes and is described as a savory taste. It is going to be widely used in this year and you are going to taste it in different foods such as burgers, sauces, salts and more to make the food more delicious.