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Comparison of HostPapa vs HostGator Companies | Which One is the Best?

Trying to decide between Hostpapa vs Hostgator?

If so, you may want to look into some important facts regarding Hostpapa and Hostgator. This way, you’ll be able to make the right decision.

HostPapa and HostGator certainly give you adequate space when it comes to bandwidth and web space. Also, you will need to know about the technical differences regarding these hosting companies. As a brief summary, HostGator has a much better value than HostPapa.


Price and Contracts Comparison:

Now, if you do a comparison between their contract terms, you will see some heavy differences. Let’s look at HostGator first. Once you sign up with them, you can do a “no contract hosting” then do monthly payments. On the other hand, HostPapa requires that you sign up for 12 months or even for 3 years, to get cheaper price. With this in mind, the price comparison check reveals that HostGator is better than Hostpapa. In case you don’t need that much web space, HostPapa has a limited hosting package. Otherwise, we recommend going with HostGator because they have an unlimited GB hosting package.


Control Panel Comparison:

HostPapa has a basic control panel and so does HostGator. Another similarity in the two hosting companies is that both can host unlimited domains. Each supports Perl, Ruby (RoR), MySQL, and PHP. Also, you can have a free domain forever which both companies offer.


Customer Support Comparison:

As for customer service, you might find that HostGator tends to their customers right away and this is because they have roughly 150 employees right now. HostPapa is also excellent in their customer service and most of their employees know the hosting company inside and out. This way, they can communicate with their customers to solve a problem quickly. Overall, both are great hosting companies but it really depends on what features you value more.


Hostgator Or Hostpapa:

HostGator has been expanding rapidly, ever since they first came about in the year of 2002. Currently, they are hosting over a million different domains. Also, they have been able to gain an excellent reputation in terms of a “cheap, yet reliable” hosting company. Most hosting review sites, have them placed somewhere at the top of the chart because of their prices and customer service. On a rating scale, most customers give them anywhere from 4-5 stars at the most.
Their plans in hosting can accommodate any budget or requirements.

Right now, their most affordable package is the “Hatchling” plan and the most expensive is the “Business Linux” plan. Whatever your needs are, you can pretty much find any type of hosting package to suit your business or personal sites. The best part about HostGator, is that they will move a site for you or even provide a free domain transfer. On top of that, file transfers, script transfers, and database transfers are available as well. This is great for most people who are new to hosting and just want to get the job done.


Final Conclusion:

As you can see, HostGator certainly takes pride in their customer service department and strives to meet the need of every customer who contacts them. Besides, what good is a hosting company without great customer service?

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