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HostPapa vs Godaddy Hosting Company | Which One will Suit Your Needs?!

Do you choose between HostPapa vs Godaddy?

Hostpapa has definitely caught the public eye when it comes to hosting. Actually, many people look to it as a fast growing company within the hosting industry itself. Currently, Godaddy hosting is also a leading faster growing and everyone knows them by now. This is simply because of their public television ads and also the Superbowl gig they did. Godaddy advertises heavily on the web too.

Plans Comparison:

HostPapa has a standard basic hosting plan that should fit the needs of everyone and Godaddy has a hosting plan that comes with certain features. For example, Godaddy also provides blog hosting, your own private server, and even dedicated servers. They are currently, the top domain name registrar available.


HostPapa Summary:

During the year of 2006, HostPapa emerged and over the years – became one of the best web hosts around. This company is privately owned and is located everywhere. For example, they have centers in Niagara Falls, NY, Ontario and also in Canada. Europe can also apply with HostPapa, since they have moved another center in London. Believe it or not, they offer hosting through wind generated power. This is the #1 hosting company when it comes to green energy. Actually, everything in their office is powered by green energy such as lights, faxes, phones, and the computers as well.


GoDaddy Summary:

GoDaddy is one of the oldest companies around and many people are familiar with them. This is because (as mentioned above) heavily advertised on TV, radio, and through the web. This company was created by a man named Bob Parson, during the year of 1997. They currently offer domain name registration, dedicated service and also shared hosting. You can purchase a hosting plan from a Linux or a Window platform. Also, Godaddy offers VPS or a dedicated server, while HostPapa is not offering this (so you can upgrade plan with Godaddy any time, while you can’t with Hostpapa).


HostPapa vs Godaddy – Features:

In terms of bandwidth and space, HostPapa provides everything unlimited. GoDaddy on the other hand, has limited these features. If you want to store countless videos and many larger files, Godaddy’s Economy plan might not be right for you. Instead, we recommend doing an upgrade. With the Godaddy Deluxe plan, you will have tons of space in terms of web storage. Did you know that both hosting companies provide script languages such as Perl, PHP, and CGI. However, the only one that does not support this is Godaddy in their Economy Plan. Aside from this, let’s go ahead and compare HostPapa vs Godaddy in their features below:


HostPapa Features:

HostPapa obviously has some wonderful features, by what we can see below. On top of that, they also have 50 varying scripts that you can install. Here are just a few of their applcations:

  • Blogging: Nucleus, WordPress and b2evolution
  • CMS: Typo3, Drupal, Joomla and phpNuke
  • Customer Help: Help Center Support, osTicket, and also PHP Support Tickets.
  • Discussion Boards: phpBB / SMF

Aside from these features, HostPapa also provides the ultimate E-commerce solution. You can use their standard shopping carts for your store sites such as Zen Cart, CubeCart and also osCommerce. This company also will allow you to create beautiful image galleries with applications like the Coppermine Photo Gallery and also 4Images Gallery. All of their applications can be installed with a few clicks of your mouse by utilizing Fantstico Deluxe.


GoDaddy Features:

We absolutely love Godaddy because it seems they have more to offer in terms of some of their packages and customer support. Here are some of the scripts that they provide:

  • Ads: A choice between OpenX or Noah’s Classified
  • Blogs: WordPress, Serendipity, and Greeklog
  • CMS: Drupal, Mambo, Nucleas, and Joomla
  • Management software: dotProject / phpCollab

Many of the applications they offer are similar to Hostpapa but we have found that Godaddy supports far more E-commerce solutions.


Final Conclusion:

Now, if you want a wider selection when it comes to forums or message boards, we recommend Godaddy. After all, you can choose from phpBB, Simple Machines, and Vanilla forum. In summary, you may get a better price at HostPapa, but Godaddy offers the best applications and customer service.

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