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Hostmonster vs Justhost – Which of Them Customers Liked More?

Searching for a competitive hosting company is certainly tough to do, if you are new to hosting. There are literally, hundreds of hosting providers out there and you may not know which to choose. The best thing to do is conduct an analysis of the top hosting providers and this way you can find something that fits your needs.

Currently, people are analyzing HostMonster vs JustHost, because these are great providers. Here is some information on how to choose between the two.

Hostmonster vs Justhost Comparison:

HostMonster is probably one of the oldest hosting providers compared to JustHost. Hundreds of customers have given them perfect feedback, due to their quality customer service and uptime. They are managing their own data centers with excellent servers and equipment.  JustHost is also viewed as a great hosting company and they offer free domains, plus can design your website for you. The majority of their services offered are usable for most customers who sign up with them.


Plans Comparison:

As for the plans, HostMonster gives you a yearly plan with Linux platforms and you also get unlimited bandwidth. Aside from this, they offer unlimited space and domains at only $5.95 which is pretty cheap for a hosting company. You are able to host unlimited domains. Just a few of their features include Cpanel using Fantastico, Ruby on Rails, SSH access, and PHP.

In the meantime, JustHost offers their clients a free domain with the Just plan. They have tons of scripts in their library and all of these can be used at no charge. This means you can utilize WordPress, osCommerce, or even phpBB. They also have Joomla which is widely used by clients. Their pricing starts at $4.95 monthly which is cheaper (will be less using JustHost Discount Offer), in comparison with HostMonster.

As you can see, both of these hosting companies are a great choice.


Reliability Comparison:

HostMonster is extremely reliable since they have their 99.9% uptime guarantee. There are very few reports of downtime. Because of this, they have earned a high reputation and are actually a preferred host.

JustHost has presented no problems in terms of uptime. They have an arsenal of technology and equipment which eliminates downtime and keeps their customers at ease.


Support Comparison:

HostMonster has over 450,000 clients and this is because they have strong support to back them up. Their support is available 24 hours of the day, seven days a week. They have a toll free number, plus a support chatroom. It’s always quicker to call them but if your issue is not an emergency, feel free to contact them through chat.

JustHost, on the other hand does not match up with HostMonster’s excellent customer support. There have been many reports revealing slight longer delays when it comes to calling their support center. Aside from all this, JustHost is still a great company if you can get past this delay.



We strongly suggest you go with JustHost, just because they are more reliable in this area. However, if you feel that HostMonster is a good fit, you can go with them instead.

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