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Hostmonster vs iPage – Which Web Hosting is Better?

Both HostMonster and iPage are in strong competition for business, offering their quality services and flawless customer support. Both of these companies are similar but you will find that some have different features. Also, the plans are not the same so you can choose which one suits your business best. Today we have put together some information to analyze the two hosting providers.


Features and Pricing Comparison:


HostMonster offers unlimited space, data transfer and email. You also get a free domain upon signing up. After all, they allow you to host an unlimited number of sites using the same account. Their basic plan costs $5.95 per month. You’ll also get to use Concrete5 which is an open source management system to help create your site.


iPage has the very same features but the only difference is that they cost less when it comes to hosting, at their $3.50 per month price (will be less using our iPage Discount Link). They have a drag and drop site builder which makes it easy for people to create a site. You certainly don’t have to be a programmer to make your own site. They actually give you three site builders like Weebly and the Website Creator by CM4all. We love that iPage gives you Design Suite, which is normally priced at $50 but you get it for free upon signup.


E-commerce Options Comparison:

What about those of you who want to create a large store online? Or maybe you want a basic store which allows you to keep track of 20 products?

HostMonster is awesome because they will give you an SSL secure server. You’ll also receive a certificate to run your online store. Included with hosting is resources such as ShopSite. This is a shopping cart system which is extremely easy to use and features open source shopping carts plus free tools for SEO. If you love using credits to advertise, HostMonster is best for you since they offer these for free.

iPage also offers some lucrative features when it comes to E-commerce, such as an SSL certificate, Security Suite and SiteLock. If you are interested in securing your site, you’ll be happy to know that these tools help in this department. There are over 5 different shopping carts to choose from and you will also be able to take advantage of their free marketing guides.


Resources for Site Building Comparison:

HostMonster has a Cpanel which also offers you SimpleScripts. This means you have access to 70 applications. These applications help you with blog creation, starting your own forum or even creating a highly advanced photo gallery. Of course, they offer CMS installation and other site building programs as well.

iPage also has a control panel but instead, they have something called Install Central which offers 1 clock installations on over 12 different web scripts. Of course, this is a big difference between HostMonster’s 70 applications. You will also be able to use blog applications, forums, CMS, and ecommerce.


Support Comparison:

In terms of support, HostMonster and iPage are both very competitive. HostMonster gives you 24/7 support through phone and email from their representatives. The average wait time is less than two minutes and they have many tutorials.

iPage also has a toll free number to call and e-mail support. Aside from this, they have an online chat room if you need to reach someone quickly. They have the same waiting time and also give you a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Now, which hosting company attracts you? The decision is up to you!

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