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Hostmonster vs Godaddy – Which Hosting Customers Always Choose?!

HostMonster and Godaddy are extremely well known. You might see HostMonster ads everywhere online, while Godaddy has appealing television commercials to help advertise their services. Both of these companies are very competitive and have great features when it comes to hosting. Let’s look at both of them in comparison to see what they have to offer you.


An Overview of Godaddy:

Godaddy had domain names for just $1.99 and if you are buying domains in bulk, you will definitely save some money. Now, their hosting package might be expensive but their support team makes up for this. They provide excellent customer service. For example, an economy package would give you 10 GB in storage, with 300 GB in bandwidth. The price for this package is $4.99 monthly.

However, if you want to go with their Deluxe plan, you get 150 GB in storage and 300 GB bandwidth at the price of $6.99 monthly. If you are hosting many websites and need lots of space, we recommend their Deluxe Plan which costs $14.99 monthly. You can save definitely some money here if you decide to prepay with a 3 month contract or even up to 36 months (you can even save more using these godaddy coupon codes). Although the savings isn’t big (less than 15%) you still get some money back so this is a good idea.


An Overview of HostMonster:

HostMonster is less expensive with their $5.95 monthly plan, but then again it is not a big difference compared with Godaddy’s first package. There are no set up fees or any hidden costs. Unlike Godaddy, you’ll get unlimited hosting space and bandwidth. On top of that, you will also be able to host unlimited domains on their server, plus unlimited emails accounts. Just for signing up, they’ll give you one free domain. On top of this, all users get a free site builder and can promote their site easily using the tools provided. We love that they offer 1 click installation on 50 scripts. Right now, they have a 99.9% uptime plus a money back guarantee. HostMonster is very attractive in terms of hosting, because you don’t need to go with a long term contract and can just do monthly payments.


What is the best hosting company?

While Godaddy might be best for registering multiple domains, HostMonster is still the #1 choice for hosting. Of course, Godaddy has been around longer than them and this giant really can’t compare. After all, HostMonster practically gives you unlimited “everything” in terms of hosting. There are no limitations whatsoever. They also aren’t as expensive. Aside from this, Godaddy is notorious for their horrible control panel since it is difficult to navigate. Most of the time we are able to locate certain features but some we cannot find, and end up having to call customer service.

On top of that HostMonster is just as reliable as Godaddy is. They might not match up with the savings Godaddy offers for domains, but chances are – if you are not interested in multiple domains, you won’t need Godaddy, For those who like to register domains on a weekly or monthly basis, we do recommend Godaddy. If you are a simple business owner just looking for a simple hosting company, use HostMonster. You will be glad you did, and will enjoy the unlimited services they offer.

Last but not least, HostMonster is just as reliable and established as GoDaddy-in fact the company precedes the start of GoDaddy, being first founded in 1996.  There’s not much point in arguing GoDaddy’s dominance in domain registrars (the $9.99 fee for popular names is the standard) but when it comes to web hosting packages HostMonster reigns supreme.

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