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HostMonster vs Fatcow – Which WebHosting Company is Better?

Are you wondering which hosting provider is better?

HostMonster and FatCow offers many features and are both reliable, but you might find that one meets your needs better than the other. In order to find out though, you’ll need to do a side by side HostMonster vs Fatcow comparison of the two companies. For this, we will go ahead and help you decide which one to choose for your hosting needs.


Features and Plans Comparison:


FatCow is offering their hosting at $4.50 monthly (will be less using our Fatcow Discount link).


while HostMonster offers hosting for $5.95 monthly. They give you similar features to the monthly hosting plans, such as unlimited disk space, and bandwidth. On top of that, you can have as many e-mail accounts as you wish.

FatCow gives their customers a free domain name and website building tools. There are absolutely no hidden fees and you know exactly everything you will be getting prior to purchasing your plan. For example, you’ll receive Analytics tools, Google tools, FrontPage extensions, a $50 Google Adwords voucher and unlimited email accounts. If you need a hosting company that caters to email service, Fatcow is definitely for you. This is a great business for those who rely on e-mail marketing or simply have e-mails that need to be sent out to mass customers. Keep in mind, you get all of this for low price per month.

HostMonster provides you with unlimited domains and even a free domain name. You will receive a drag/drop site creator as well. Also, you will have access to e-mail auto responders and other tools as well. Included is unlimited IMAP and POP3 email support.

Both of these companies give you a 99% uptime guarantee. If you find that your sites are not accessible anytime they will go ahead and refund your money. However, this rarely occurs. FatCow is actually using a multi-GB connection for the web and this means your sites will load quickly with their servers. You won’t run into many downtimes. FatCow also allows you to back your site up easily, in case you lose any files or something goes wrong.

Fatcow has a 99.9% guarantee which is more reliable and we have also revealed that most consumers experience less down times with them. This shows in many reports and reviews online if you happen to take a look. The reason why they have a higher percent in uptime is thanks to their advanced servers. Whenever going into your hosting or accessing your sites from another computer, you’ll notice that the speeds are optimum. Also, they have backup generators as well. We simply love that Fatcow representatives are watching your sites 27/7 to guarantee uptime and this way, before the customer notices anything is wrong they will fix the issue. If you have a business, we recommend using Fatcow since they are more reliable in this sense.


Support Comparison:

FatCow has their own help desk which you can locate tutorials, information and domain support. They also have live support as well.

HostMonster, on the other hand will offer support around the clock. This means you get 24/7 support.


Final Conclusion:

Overall, Fatcow is the best pick between the two plans. They give you more value for what you are paying and you have access to many features.

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