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hostmantis.com Gets 100% Trust Score, How?!

Many people are asking is hostmantis.com a good web hosting or not?!

Here we are going to handle this issue of hostmantis. After we have hosted with hostmantis for some time, now it is about time for making a review. All people are searching for sites which could give them different hosting services with a cheap cost and if you are one of these people, so you will find hostmantis a good and cheap web hosting.

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First, let us show you some of the general whole information about what you will find with most cPanel hosting companies . They are running Cloud-Linux which is good for a stable server, they run PHP 5.3, they offer cPanel, the offer FFmpeg on their shared accounts while most of the hosts do not due to the resource necessities, trendy Site-builder which is better than some of the others that are offered, fantastico and Softaculous auto-installers for the case if one does not have something, so odds are the other does, our plan came with add-on domains, unlimited databases  emails addresses etc.. Single-hop Network  which is based in Chicago on a very beefy network.

Every thing in the world has its positives and negatives points, now we will show you the pros and cons of hostmantis, then you can decide what you will do.

For the pros:

  • Good support which means that all tickets answered in an expected amount of time such as 2 hours.
  • Customer Communication as if there needs to be downtime for example, it is announced or it is in a publicly accessible location.
  •  No downtime as of yet.
  • It has a cheap cost.
  • The use of Cloud-Linux on their machines confirms that I receive the resources which I pay for.


For the cons:

  • 99.9% Network Uptime.
  • They have limits in storage and bandwidth.

We found that there is no comparison among its pros and cons as it is obvious that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. According to my experience with this site: I do not experience the full outages unless announced and I do not experience slow down as they notify you via email when there is downtime.

We welcome your comments about your own experience if you have had with hostmantis or if you have any questions.

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