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Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services

Web hosting is a branch of the Internet service. It enables individuals and organizations to have their own websites on the World Wide Web. The service of web hosting is relevantly new, for until 1991 the internet wasn’t for public use as we see today; it was restricted to science and engineering education and research. Back then there was a tiny number of websites. Difficult to imagine, I know! The main usages were for email, telnet, FTP and USENET traffic. It wasn’t until 1995 that companies have started to offer web hosting. And ever since, web hosting service providers are in an increase, providing free and premium services.

With an experience of 13 years so far in the web hosting industry, Hostinger is widely considered one of the best web hosting companies. The professional web hosting provider is internationally widespread; Hostinger’s many headquarters are distributed worldwide, combined with customer support departments to help web hosting users, individuals as well as companies, with a wide range of needs and different levels of experience.

 About Hostinger 

Founded in 2004 and based in Larnaca, Cyprus, Hostinger is a globally well-known web hosting brand whose colocation centers and headquarters cover almost the whole world. It’s an employee-owned company, meaning that its workforce owns shares of their company; employee stock ownership has been initiated in the mid-19th century. The company is also a part of the elite ICANN accredited registrars community. ICANN stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers; it’s a nonprofit organization founded in 1998 to be responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases on the internet.

Hostinger presents fast web servers with SSD, tiny downtime architecture, optimized PHP, and custom web hosting Cpanel ‘control panel’. The average web server uptime reaches 99.9%. For the beginners who want to try out and learn how web hosting works, Hottinger’s partner 000WebHost offers free website hosting of two GB disk space. Installing WordPress software takes only 40 MB out of that. It’s a big and suitable space for individual use. There are also premium features, including web hosting with unlimited bandwidth and numbers of websites, plus 30-day risk-free trial.

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 A large number of reviews 

A lot of web hosting users from different localities have reviewed Hostinger which emphasizes the brand’s widespread nature. You can find many good informative reviews on websites as Trustpilot and hostadvice. The online reviews extend to include various aspects of the service such as customer support, pricing, money back guarantee, speed, uptime, cpanel, etc.

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Hostinger-reviews-675x393 Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services


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 Hostinger vs. other renowned web hosting providers 

 With a market full of web hosting companies, choosing the suitable one for your website has turned into a challenging task. And because of the impact of the hosting service on the websites’ performance and growth, picking one should be a mindful and rational decision. A bird’s eye view shows that there are common features as well as distinguished ones among renowned web hosting brands such as GoDaddy, HostGator, SiteGround, DreamHost, BlueHost, and Hostinger indeed.

Regarding the low-priced premium packages of these companies; Hostinger has the cheapest hosting service, 3.49$ per month, while DreamHost is the highest price, 7.95$; the rest of the brands range between the two numbers.

Regarding Speed: Hostinger’s is the fastest with 99 ms. Hostinger dominates again with more than 90 apps allowed by its auto script installer which is the largest quantity. The common features among almost all of them include allowing unlimited bandwidth and websites, nearly 100% uptime, free domain name registration and optimization for WordPress.


To organize all this, let’s put it up in pros and cons.


1 Speed

Hostinger has successfully achieved the balance between two necessities for each website, speed, and user experience. They have reached 100/100 on Google PageSpeed after starting from 75 out of 100 for the mobile interface and 87/100 for the desktop interface. Google PageSpeed Insights tool is created to enhance websites performance. With a vision sees clearly that optimizing the site speed is a personalized process, and that a full user experience shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sack of 100/100 speed, Hostinger team followed Google PageSpeed Insights recommendations and wisely made the suitable changes for their website. Well, the result is impressive indeed.


hostinger-servers-1-675x438 Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services

2 Affordable prices & 30-day trial

Whether you are an individual who runs a personal blog or website, or a company seeks a perfect hosting service for its website/s, you will find what suits your needs. The free hosting service provides you with 2GB of disk space, free subdomain for signing up for hosting; this could be quite enough for individual bloggers. As mentioned, this free service is offered now by 000WebHost, Hostinger’s partner.

For more professional steps, there is the premium web hosting which comprises three packages; the first costs $2.15 per month and limited to a single website hosting; it also provides 10 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, alongside single MySQL Database, FTP user, and email account; it could be the typical answer for a quite small project.

The second package, Premium Web Hosting, is available for $3.49 per month. It’s a hosting plan that provides an unlimited number of websites, SSD disk space, bandwidth, MySQL Databases, FTP user and email accounts; plus, there are a website builder, 3X WordPress Optimized Speed and free domain name with an annual plan. This option is more suitable for growing and medium websites.

The last package is the Business Web Hosting which is for multiple businesses and websites. Being worthy of 7.95 per month, it provides all the options of the second package in addition to daily backup, live support, 2X Processing Power and Memory, and SSL Certificate to secure customer data and increase SEO rankings.

hostinger-homepage-675x370 Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services

hostinger-30days-guarantee-150x150 Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services
One last thing remains regarding the pricing, but definitely not the least; the 30-day risk-free trial guaranteed by Hostinger! You don’t even have to complete the 30 days. If you felt dissatisfied at any stage of the program, you can just cancel by informing the company, within the 30 days, and you’ll receive a refund.

3 Effective customer support

There is no stupid question, just a bad answer” being said by customer support members, these impressive words gain more credibility when you see all these positive reviews of the company’s customer support. Many newbies have recorded their admiration of the patience of Hostinger’s support team, and their helpful, educative answers, and quick responses to their various questions. Customer support is available 24/7, and there are 39 localized offices with support teams all over the world.

Hostinger-customer-support-675x486 Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services

4 99.99% uptime for premium packages

A high server uptime is a vital factor that should govern your choice of a web hosting. However server downtime happens, they should be kept in the minimalist. Hostinger provides its paid packages with an uptime that almost reaches 100%.

hostinger-uptime-675x257 Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services

5 User-friendly cpanel

Being quite simplified, the cpanel is easy to use even for newbies. Besides, the free site script auto-installer is a facilitating addition. Allowing it for free is not common among web hosting companies. Hostinger control panel is described by many users as the most modern and easiest to use. Another well-crafted complement by a user is that with it “Setup and maintenance is a breeze.”

Hostinger-cpanel-675x420 Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services

6 A strong website builder

Hostinger provides a free website builder with a wide variety of templates. You will probably find what suits your need among them. The templates are very easy to install, and can be customized by drag and drop feature.

Hostinger-website-builder-screenshot-675x305 Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services



1 Relatively, not completely, unlimited hosting

However relatively high, the maximum disk space available is 100 GB. Such space is considered unlimited for personal and small business websites which are the primary target market of the company, but for larger businesses, the hosting is limited. A solution suggested for a customer complaint regarding this matter by Hostinger team is to upgrade to VPS hosting plans.

2 Slight Downtimes in the free service

Free services have limitations, and this one is no exception. Many users of the free web hosting complain that downtimes are frequent. The maximum server uptime requires registering in one of the premium plans.


Hostinger is a global, renowned brand in the web hosting industry. With many advantages, no major drawbacks and variety of packages, it is an excellent choice for the seekers of cheap web hosting service but of high quality as well. Just assess your needs so that you can successfully choose the package that suits you.

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