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Can I Host a website from home and How Much it Cost Me?

hosting a website from home: If you truly intend to host your website from home, so you should recognise that you’ve to keep your computer on to keep your website online plus if you’ve problems they will be difficult to solve, and you are leaving yourself open to attacks which is an expensive and complicated  process.


Anyway, What are the software and tools required for hosting a website from home?

1- Apache for linux or Windows Home Server which should be user friendly and easy to install for hosting a website on your computer.
2- fixed static IP address (which will cost about $40-$80 per month)
3- You need to forward port 80 to that ip address (server) on the router.
4- You have to learn a lot about server security, to have any kinda chance of keeping your  server secure.
5- you need a computer ON all day, and be in front of it 24/7 to ensure that it’s all up,  running and hosting website from home computer.
6- be sure you’ve a good firewall and anti virus installed.
7- Don’t allow any open ports that aren’t needed.
8- you will need to register a domain name and have DNS point to your IP address, unless you only want people to find you using your IP address.
9- make certain that the ISP providing you static IP and allows the operation of a  web server.


How can i register a website that I’ll be hosting from home computer?

If you want to host website from computer home, use the forwarding service with your Domain Name supplier. Then You want it to set the IP of your computer.

Besides, most Web servers run using port 80. If your Service provider is blocking that port you will be able to use another one, however this mean you’ve to specify the port number in the address.  For example if you choose the port 8080 and your address is http://www.test.com/ you’d have to use http://www.test.com:8080/ instead.


Disadvantages of hosting your website from home on your computer?!

1- Being online 24/7 *always* makes you more vulnerable to attack and VERY IN-SECURE
2- The risks associated with downtime and security far outweigh any benefits gained from saving costs of hosting website on your computer and is very complicated.
3- It could drastically slow down your internet connection.
4- It will ramp up your power bills.
5- PC ON website hosting: your site would be unavailable whenever your PC is turned off.


What do you recommend:

If u just want to save money, then hosting website on PC is not a good idea.
I would strongly urge you not to do this and to use a server instead. It truly isn’t worth the trouble this will potentially cause you.

Your protection could never compete with the likes of big servers who has spent several years  building up its protection from these threats.

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