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Although Hostgator Company Popularity But Has Some Cons in This Review

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Editorial HostGator Review:

Being one of the largest web hosting companies in the world has its own rewards. Like the famed tennis player Lacoste, whose logo was the alligator and who literally devoured his competitors on the court, HostGator, with a similar logo, aims to do the same on the internet!

With 2,200,000 domains and counting, they have definitely got a lot of things right. Besides the numbers themselves being staggering, the over 200 staff in the support function ensure that service flows pretty smoothly for all the customers of HostGator. And for all that, should a client want service from the site’s owner himself, the person only has to make the request and Brent would make time to attend to any concern!

Hostgator Features:
Some of the reasons why HostGator is in the top 10 league of shared hosting service & Dedicated hosting providers is given below, leaving aside interesting plan names like ‘Hatchling’, ‘Baby’ and the more prosaic ‘Business’:

* Disk Space: Unlimited across all the three plans.
* Bandwidth: Unlimited across all the three plans.
* Domains and Sub Domains: 1 for the former on the basic Hatchling plan, unlimited for the rest, unlimited across all plans for sub domains.
* Own Toll Free Number: Free on Business plan, but unavailable on the other two plans.
* Free Dedicated IP and SSL: Same as in the previous point, free only on Business plan.
* Pricing: $ 4.95, $ 7.95 and $ 12.95 for Hatchling, Baby and Business plans respectively.
* Credits: $ 25.00 Google Adwords on all three plans mentioned above.
* Money Back: 45 days facility across all 3 plans.
* Technology Used: WordPress, CGI, PHP5, RoR, Python and other common formats are available across all plans and MySQL databases are unlimited across the board. Only Chilisoft ASP is exclusive to the Business plan. The latest cPanel interface is used.
* Customer Support: Phone (1-866-96-GATOR) and online help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week and 365 days in the year.

Besides the above, there are a large number of other technological and service formats available on HostGator which are common across all the 3 plans. Common with other web hosting services HostGator offers free site builder, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, free and instant start up as well as no contract clauses. The customer can host unlimited websites and there are no hidden fees. All the details can be accessed on their website.


All in all, Host gator

image-3261210-10410811 Although Hostgator Company Popularity But Has Some Cons in This Review
is a very professional web hosting site and it makes a lot of sense for an individual, small business or even a Fortune 500 organisation to choose this as their preferred option. Large service providers are unlikely to be fly-by-night operators and all the hard work put in over several years need to be kept secure hosting and in many cases, highly confidential. HostGator’s logo and the caption perfectly complement each other and the future for this particular web hosting site can only grow exponentially. In these hard times, time we got on to this particular gravy train … correct?

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  1. I am very pleased with the service from Hostgator. Very quickly after purchasing the space I had everything setup and running.

    I have not experienced any downtime since I have had the service. Everything loads fast on the site and I feel like I’m getting a generous amount of bandwidth for the little bucks.
    Not only this, but the best thing that happened to me was about 3 days after having the service they called me up just to ask if I had any question about anything or needed helping with anything! I was a little thrown off by that, but it felt like they were going that extra mile on the service side of things.

    I really appreciate that in a company. I would definitely recommend the Hostgator.

  2. I signed up with Host Gator several years ago, following a long nightmare period with another host, and immediately saw that I had made my right choice.

    Very little downtime, and if there is, I always get an e-mail explaining why. I even get E-mails warning me that downtime is expected, in cases where they do know in advance.

    I very rarely need to contact customer support, but every time I do, the response is friendly, very quick, and helpful.

    The difference from my last host is like day and night, I can’t praise Host Gator enough.
    In fact, my entire family has switched, 3 of us altogether.

  3. I’ve 5 domains hosted with Host Gator and overall I must say I’m pleased with their service.

    I have had virtually no problems with server downtime, and the speed is just fine for my needs.
    I have used both their email and phone customer service, and they have handled all my requests. I like that I can always reach a rep on the phone when I need to. This was particularly helpful when I was building my first site – it was great to have someone on the phone walk me through this new world of websites.

    Overall, this is a reliable hosting service as well as good value.

  4. I’ve been with hostgator for 3 years. Competitive pricing. Good uptime (I’ve never found my site down). Good tech support.
    I write my own code, so I can’t comment on ease of use of their tools.

  5. When I came upon Hostgator I knew that they were for me. They had everything what I needed including Fantastico and phpMyadmin.

    I am very happy with the customer service that they have. When I found out that they increased their bandwidth and hosting space I called them to increase my bandwidth and hosting space and they did it within 2 hours!

    So far I haven’t had any downtime at all with them and it’s great!

  6. I’ve used Hostgator for all my domains hosting. I love them. Never any problems, they offer all kinds of awesome packages (specially baby package) and I trust them – which i can’t say as much about some other hosting websites I’ve used.

  7. We’ve used several of web hosting companies. HostGator.com is probably one of the better hosts -we had good experiences with them, and they scored well when we ran server tests. If you’re just building one site or some personal sites, and want a host at around $7 a month, HostGator would be your best bet (in my opinion).

    One thing to remember, is that although they all say “unlimited” this and that, you won’t necessarily get that. If your site grows large enough, what you’ll end up paying for is CPU usage (which you’ll notice none of the hosts advertise). They all boast “unlimited” this and that, because you’ll probably never top out on that stuff before you reach your CPU usage limits. And that’s where they start charging extra.

    It’s not something to consider unless you’re building a community type site -if you’re building a typical static informational site, you’ll likely never hear about these kinds of things (but info never hurts).

    I highly recommend their service specially for newbies.

    Save yourself time, effort and the money you would lose from hours of downtime by choosing Hostgator.

  8. host gator is a very reliable host; I am currently hosting five proxies, one forum and an articles website, all websites are still up and running smoothly.

    host gator’s baby plan costs around $9 USD per month , and using a coupon to try first month just 1 cent.

  9. Quick to respond to problems. Not hot on chat support, but email support is good.
    My hosting needs are not complicated and there system has as much or little as I require. I like having a dedicated server with hostgator.

    I would recommend hostgator to anyone looking for a dedicated server and quick responses to problems.

  10. The few times I’ve had to get in touch with host gator support, they’ve been available within minutes. Even at odd hours in the night.

    My site has gone down a few times very briefly – 10 mins or so – but I understand any web host is going to have less than 100 % uptime. Overall, I’m happy.

  11. I was one of the sites back then to get hacked on dreamhost along with another 350,000 people, the ftp is horribly slow as well.
    I am no newbie as well I a sure you as I have T1 as when I switched to Host gator things where great.

    I seriously highly recommend this host, great quality and pro fast FTP transfers, hope this helps! gold bless

  12. The best host, never seen a better one.

    Its Uptime for the last 10 months has been a fantastic 100.00%.
    Its Customer Support is great although its LIVE chat support is not so good.
    The speed of server is pretty good.
    Value for money is great. I’m on 10$/month for 100GB space and 1000GB bandwidth. It also has support for unlimited Sub Domains, Parked domains and Addons Domains.

    I recommend this host very much

  13. Type in “Hostgator rating” in google and see for yourself. I have been using Hostgator for 4 years with no problem. For what I use it for, is fine.
    BTW, they host over 240,000 domains!

  14. I make various websites and have tried bluehost, godaddy and hostgator.
    Highly recommend HostGator. It loads the fastest out of the 3 and has been the most stable.

  15. I have used literally hundreds of web hosts as I’m a web developer and deal with a large array of clients. For my personal hosting I have been with hostgator for about 9 years now. In my experience they have the best prices, EMAIL support and most reliable servers. I’ve yet to have my sites go down due to anything but a scheduled update/restart. At hostgator I’ve multiple reseller accounts and dedicated servers.

    Lunarpages is also a great company to deal with.

    GoDaddy is at the bottom of my favorites list as far as hosting goes. They have so many problems it is just a headache to deal with them.

    Realize that most chat supports are outsourced, level 1 techs, or sales people. They are really only there to redirect you to the people who actually know how to solve real problems, or give you pre-scripted responses.

    If you ask hostgator they can give you the email address to a direct technician if you encounter any problems. They also tend to help you with many issues that they really shouldn’t have to deal with. Like if you messed up some code, some are really nice and will tell you how to fix it.

  16. I’ve had problems with Hostgator when I’ve gone to transfer my domain to another hosting service – it took a long time and they make it difficult, The other thing I could complain about would be that their online chat operators are slow to respond.

  17. There is a lot to consider when choosing a host besides just bandwidth and storage space. I’ve also noticed that all the big companies (including hostgator) have their share of some bad reviews.

    I can only say that I’ve been with hostgator for several years, have multiple websites with them (my own as well as those of my clients), have high-end content management software running, have bugged their tech support with some highly technical and hard-to-answer questions (I’m a software engineer) and they have ALWAYS been courteous and responsive. And hey, they’re located in Texas, a state that has a fondness in my heart as it’s where I went to school, and so that’s always a winner in my book {grin}.

    The reasons (features) why I like HostGator are also the same reasons that I would NOT recommend GoDaddy (except as a domain name registrar, perhaps). Things like CRON (scheduled tasks), location of the database server, and a few other issues.

  18. First of all, there is no such thing as a “perfect” web hosting provider. However, Host Gator comes very close to perfection.

    I have used about 5 others in the last four years, and none compares in overall reliability, quality and performance. My previous was bluehost, which is also good, but not quite as good as Host Gator.

    Currently I’m hosting 7 domains with Host Gator, and I recommend them very highly to others I know who are searching for a reliable provider.

    Host Gator customer support is about the most pleasant and informed as can be expected. I’ve only ever had one problem, and they responded quickly and help me resolve the issue. There has never been any unreasonable downtime experiences.

    I have no problem recommending them to my clients and have had not one complaint from them either.

    In summary, Host Gator is a top notch company, with just about everything you could hope to find for both personal and business websites.

    I do not advertise or work for them or have any relationship with them at all other than being a very happy customer. When I saw this review site I felt compelled to write my review and give my rating as the other providers I tried were so terrible.

  19. Hostgator is amazing! Great service, fast servers, and amazing prices and features!
    I’ve got 4 different sites hosted on the same account and none have suffered any downtime apart from a pre-notified 30 minute maintenance check.
    Their customer support is pretty good, open 24/7 and usually very helpful.

    I’m very satisfied and will continue to remain a customer. I would recommend Hostgator to everyone.

  20. I’ve been a Hostgator customer for over 2 years and have been very happy with their service.

    When I started the packages were a bit smaller than they are now, but they extremely increased the space and bandwidth last year and gave many more mysql databases. One concern I had was they didn’t update my account right away, but when I called them and told them I noticed the changes on their homepage they upgraded my account the same day. This year the same thing happened with addon domains and again they upgraded me right away.

    The thing I like most about Hostgator is their customer support. Other web hosts I have used in the past were impossible to reach by phone and non responsive to emails. The few times I have had to call Hostgator I’ve had them on the phone in 10 minutes or less and they clear support tickets very fast.

  21. When I compare Hostgator to the other hosting services I’ve seen and used, I know I’m getting the best. Whenever I have drawn on the knowledge of the technical staff in order to solve problems such as installing scripts they have been more than happy to help (I wouldn’t have gotten my forum working without them), furthermore whenever they improve their offer further, all i have to do is ask and they upgrade my account free of charge.

    I live in London, so I don’t know about the value of hosting in America, but compared to the ones I’ve seen online, and the ones in my local area, Hostgator kills them, the value for money is truly incredible. They are experiencing some problems with their new features, but that is to be expected, and just goes to show the lengths they’re going to, to provide the best for thier customers.

  22. I’ve tried many host for the last 3 years and no other company impressed me like Hostgator. Truly professional support and services! A++++++!

  23. hostgator is an excellent web hosting company. They actually pick up the phone when you call and respond with helpful, satisfactory answers. I highly recommend them for your personal or business needs.

  24. Hostgator is an excellent web hosting company.They have a good support team to fast response. Hosting is a process that makes your site visible world wide on the internet. It suggests to the process of renting computer space and bandwidth (data transfer capacity) from a company so that you can make your website visible to the outside world.

  25. This is the best there is for hosting (hostgator)

    10 out of 10 in my books ive been with them for 3 years never had a problem.

    Good stuff!!!

  26. Hostgator take an active interest in their customers too. A customer is not just a number to them. I occasionally get emails from their CEO to make sure everything is in order and get regular security updates from them when I’ve been lazy.

  27. I have tried many hosting companies and none have surpassed the quality and support that Hostgator has provided. They are quick to assist and have gone the extra mile for me when things got tough and I had a few unusual circumstances. Other providers were not as accommodating.

  28. Great host! Unlimited web hosting really doesn’t have to be expensive. HostGator is a great host and offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth (although there is a 100,000 file limit if you intend to use the autobackup feature and a 250,000 file limit if not) Their plans start at $5/mth. I have used them and a small orange to host, and hostgator by far is the best host i have used so far. Their 24/7/365 live chat support is always friendly and they always know how to solve problems and will sit there with you until it is solved. (on many occasions).

  29. So far I have been very pleased. I have not noticed any downtime or slow browsing speed. In fact I plan to upgrade from a Hatchling to a Baby plan in the near future to avail of unlimited domains and to consolidate all of my websites with HostGator.

  30. I rarely write reviews, but everything about their service is fantastic. I choose them because the Drupal site recommended them and the only differentiator I saw was that they were wind powered.

    They are probably among the most pleasant companies I have ever worked with. Their live chat help has helped me quickly solve problems that otherwise would have taken many hours in getting setup.

  31. Hostgator are the best. I currently have 10 different sites hosted with them. Their fast servers, cheap prices and 24/7 customer service help is amazing to. When I needed help I got it really fast and they answered my question perfectly.

    The most important thing is I have never had any problems with downtime with Hostgator which I did have problems with some other webhosting companys.

    I have been Hostgator customer for many years now and I would highly recommend anyone that needs hosting to check them out.

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