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If you have dreams of being a reseller, consider using the services of HostDime Web Hosting company. They offer both web hosting and reseller services and are quite in a niche of their own, so to say. If you are tired of moving your domain or domains from one host to another, then try out the service at HostDime.com Web Hosting. They offer premium services that are adjusted to fit your needs no matter what you are looking for; whether you are looking to share your domain or to have a place to grow your business, this company will match their services with your needs so that you maximize your opportunities for succeeding in business.

HostDime Features and Plans:
HostDime Web Hosting has several packages which include Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and various other programs with Shared Hosting Solution. Their Reseller Hosting package attracts many people due to the favorable terms of agreement the company has laid down for anyone who wishes to sign up for their program. At HostDime, you have the option of hosting your domain on their shared server or reselling the space to other people who may be interested in hosting their sites on a shared server. Both styles of reselling are good, although there is nothing much for you to do with the second one since your client is the one who will be accessing the services of the company directly. You only get to enjoy the comfort of selling a reliable product with HostDime

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HostDime Reliability:
Talking of reliability, HostDime Web Hosting servers are powerful and quite reliable. Once you have signed up with them, they handle everything from setting up your account to managing any problems that may come up along the way. They do this through their dedicated team of engineers and technicians. The different servers available at the company include Quad Core Series Dedicated Hosting which is suitable for maximum performance. They have excellent uptime and are good for businesses that are spontaneous. Closely following these are 2x QUAD Series Web Servers which are slightly more upgraded than the Quad Core Series.

Very busy sites will find the 2x Dual-Core Series Dedicated Servers a real bargain because they can handle the heavy traffic quite well with no hang ups or loading failures. Domains which are more resource-oriented can go for Dual Core Series Website Hosting. They offer excellent services to intense websites which tend to be busy most of the time. Like I mentioned, anyone can find their place at HostDime Web Hosting. Individuals, Small businesses and medium sized websites will find the Single Core Series Dedicated Hosting most suitable to their needs.
HostDime Price Value:
The rates charged for these services are slightly higher than what most other web hosting service providers charge. But given the quality one is guaranteed, it is worth the money. Most web hosting businesses will lose connectivity at least once a week and that means that you lose business every week. The customer-client relationship at HostDime Web Hosting is also very helpful. There is always someone on stand by to assist with what you not understand.

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View HostDime Offers


  1. How good are HostDime? Well, let me tell you a little story.
    On a Monday our dedicated server started acting up and after a few hours it became clear that our primary HD had failed – completely. Full loss of data on that drive.

    However because HD run dual HD’s (for back ups) they were able to install a new primary HD and copy all the information from the back ups over. Doesn’t sound like a hard job? Well when you have close to 60Gb it potentially could be! A HUGE thanks here goes out to the HostDime staff (especially Peter and Amal) who went out of their way to personally take care of this.

    So guys – thanks – you saved our server and more importantly our business.

  2. Imagine coming into work and having 70 websites go down because of a corrupted VPS account. They wrote…

    “Our engineers haven’t been able to repair the Windows installation on your server. The server reboots its self before we have a chance to running any type of repair tool.

    Our last option here is to create a new VPS for you and mount the old drive you were using so you can move over your data.”

    It will take me a good three days of lost business time to configure the websites to where they were before the VPS became corrupted. Everything was working fine….I never changed any settings on the VPS it just happened as a result of the inexperience of the HostDime employees.

    I have a lot of clients that are mad at me right now, I might loose business as a result of selecting HostDime as a hosting company, and they even have the audacity to give me the run around on issuing an account credit.

    The best response I’ve gotten to date is…

    “I’m taking the time to review all of your tickets so I may make a better assessment of what compensation is due to you. I apologize for the delay in responding to you.”

    The resolution is that according to their SLA the best they will give is credit for one month. All of the lost business, server down time, and time reconfiguring the servers the best they will offer is one month credit.

    If you want to stay in business, avoid HostDime.

  3. Hello,

    I am familiar with your case and once again do apologize about the inconvenience that you and your clients have endured. As mentioned via our phone conversation, the issues that you experienced are not normal and our team did everything that could to rectify the situation and ended with providing you with a brand new VE that is functional.

    As for credits, we apply them on a calender month, per our SLA (http://www.hostdime.com/support/legal/service-level-agreement.php) as most other reputable companies do. We have tiers in our SLA and for the issues you had, we not only offered the highest amount to be credited but also covered the addons that you have for your account which normally is not done.

    If you continue to have issues, I ask that you please contact me or any other member of our team as we will gladly assist in getting them rectified for you. Thank you very much for your business and we hope that everything progresses from here on out so that we can better our partnership.

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