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About Host-99 Web Hosting Company:

Host-99.com is a relatively young company having started in 2007 with a goal to serve the masses of business folks. To do that the company uses Dell servers that feature duel core opteron 2.4GHz processors, with data centers located in Cedar Falls, Chicago, San Jose, and even internationally.


Host 99 Services and Features:

Host 99.com does not only deal in web hosting service. They also service in:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • PCI Sharing Hosting (for eCommerce websites)
  • PCI Dedicated Servers
  • WordPress Hosting
  • ZenCart Hosting
  •  ZenCart Enterprise

Host 99.com also features free website moving from any other web host to theirs, Spam and Virus protection, 30 day money back guarantee on all their packages, and a four level super data security feature at their data centers.


Host-99 Advantages:

What may some of the advantages be from choosing to go with Host 99.com? One advantage is their low customizable monthly pricing plans. For example take their Ultra web hosting package, you get:

  •  12GB Disk Space
  • 21GB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Support
  • Fully Managed Servers
  • Off Site Backups
  • 100% Secured Servers
  •  99.91% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30/Day Money Back Guarantee

You get all this at a price of $29.95 a month, or you can opt for 3 months at $29.85/mo, 6 months at $29.75/mo, 12 months at $28.30/mo, 24 month at $27.50/mo, 36 month at $25.00.  The larger monthly plan you get it seems the more you save!


Guarantees of Host-99:

What is most appealing about Host99.com that may attract you (as it did me) is every package they guarantee you a 30 day money back guarantee. Of course read the return policy to make sure there are hidden stipulations, but what I liked is they promise this on all their packages not just certain ones. No matter if you ordering a simple web hosting package or a Dedicated Server package Host99.com guarantees a 30 day money back guarantee. Another interesting guarantee is they can handle any type of website for you, even if its personal social networking type site.


Reliability Review of Host-99:

A concern with Host99.com is since they are such a young company being around for only 3 years they really have not had much time to make themselves stand out as being a reliable web hosting company. First of all the company has a good feel to them. Their website is easy to navigate through, and if it helps (and it does) they feature their sticker of credentials by BBB. They also seem to be amazingly customer service driven which you will find mention throughout their website, plus toss in those nice low prices and they stand out in the competitive market that makes you want to give this young company a try and not be disappointed.


What I Didn’t Like in Host-99:

Only down side in Host99.com is their customer support. They promise 24/7 customer support, but when I was looking at their website their live chat was offline.


Host-99 Support:

Host99.com says to offer 24/7 customer support service giving options of contacting them with your troubles via  live chat, email, or telephone( M- F 9 am. to 5 pm Eastern time).  Host99.com also has FAQ section to help you troubleshoot yourself.


Expert Recommendation:

In conclusion if you are looking for web hosting with affordable pricing then Host99.com is worthy of looking into. Their boast of security in keeping your data safe is something you do not see many companies mention. This gives Host99.com a step up among the rest especially with its money back guarantee (So, You’ve nothing to lose if try).



  1. the 36 month plan has a great price! I wish they would offer even longer plans, but being that they’ve only been around for 3 years I can understand.

  2. The fact that I can save money by planning ahead is great. Besides, who wants the hassle of worrying about renewing?

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