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The 33 Most Popular Horse Hair Jewelry Designs

For many years now, designers have been using horses as one of the most popular symbols and themes for different kinds of jewelry. A horse represents majesty and freedom, which is usually captured in the design of jewelry pieces. There are many pieces with horse images and horseshoe designs, but the jewelry made from real horse hair is equally as popular. Read on to find out more about horse hair jewelry.

Horse jewelry is ideal for persons who love horses. Wearing this kind of jewelry will not only allow someone to express their love for a horse, but also to show off their wild freedom. This is why horse ornaments are great keepsake items that can make the perfect gifts for all horse enthusiasts.
Horsehair jewelry is a unique adornment that is not only dazzling and elegant but will also hold lots of meaning for anyone who is wearing it. This means that horse lovers are getting the perfect jewelry accessory to enhance their Western wear and show that they are fond of these wonderful animals at the same time.

The jewelry pieces are made from the hair that is collected from the animal’s tail and mane. Generally, the horsehair is clipped in the cluster from the tail or mane, so the horse is not hurt in any way. Horsehair has many different colors including white, black and light brown shades, all with a soft luster and smooth texture.

When making horse hair jewelry, the hair strands are woven in braids to create bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and barrettes. People have been weaving horsehair from as far back as the Victorian era. The braiding is usually done by hand to create some of the most intricate patterns. Some of the popular braiding styles include the round, half round, French, three-strand, and square.

To make the horsehair jewelry more valuable and prettier, the designers would interweave the braids with gems, pearls or beads made from silver and gold. Furthermore, silver or gold clasps can be woven at both ends of the braids to create beautiful necklaces and bracelets. Some designers also weave suitable pendants into necklaces. The horsehair bracelets are elastic and usually fit perfectly on the wrists. While the horsehair barrettes are the perfect complement for women hair. These pieces can be selected to contrast or match with any hair color.

Horse owners can get custom horse hair jewelry as a souvenir to remember their favorite equine. This could be in the form of a bracelet that is about 15 inches in length and is made from a hundred horsehair strands or a necklace that is no longer than 26 inches in length.

Overall, horse hair jewelry is an elegant and beautiful adornment that can make meaningful gifts for horse lovers. What’s more, these jewelry pieces are very strong and will last for many years.

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Tina’s Horse Hair Bracelet
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Levny Brown Custom Horse Hair Jewelry

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