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Editorial Homestead Review:

Homestead company (homestead technologies inc website) was founded Since 1996, with over 13 million clients work with their services and products which range From website builder software, Linux hosting, to E-commerce solutions.

Note: Not too long ago Homestead and Intuit company have merged, so the Homestead SiteBuilder may be available now with the Intuit brand (homestead intuit website). They are the same, so all what you read about Homestead will apply to Intuit company, and viceversa.


Homestead Review of Features:

I’ll try in this Homestead.com review to explain all its features and advantages in details which are based on their customers Homestead sitebuilder reviews.

Homestead Website has 3 plans (Starter, Gold, and Platinum Package).


What Separate Homestead Company From The Competitors:

1- Huge variety of starting blocks.
2- Homestead sitebuilder download has more than 2000 design templates with very big high quality image collection (260,000), while other sitebuilders have maximum of 400 basic designs. As Homestead helps small businesses in building their professional websites quickly and easily (professional Homestead web pages). You can sign up for Homestead software free trial and start right away browsing their collection – they are split into groups by business or interest.
3- Homestead hosting and sitebuilder company has a lot of advanced options – web features such as forms, maps, guest books, and so on – that can easily be integrated into your site. Most competitors don’t offer this option, so anywhere else you might need to look for and learn how to include all these extras on your own (and most often pay for these features).
4- Homestead.com pricing is inexpensive.
5- The Homestead company offers real 30-day money-back guarantee.
6- This Homestead web design and hosting company has a 30 day free trial offer, that will allow everyone sufficient time to find out if they prefer to go on with their services or not.

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Homestead Reviews of Reliability:

Homestead company is well-known and trusted with very long history since 1996. Homestead has and run their own datacenters (which is a big advantage), because of this they are able to easily upgrade to most up-to-date hardware components. So, their plans includes 99.9% uptime guarantee.


What is BAD in Homestead?

Some users asked me about homestead.com complaints? homestead sitebuilder problems?

The only Homestead disadvantage is the “homestead sitebuilder for mac“.

Homestead sitebuilder mac users are limited by the Homestead Lite version, While The better versions only runs on PC computers. So Homestead has their trial offer to test all included features yourself, then determine if it is suitable for your needs.


Homestead.com Customer Service (Customer Support):

User friendly and quality technical and customer service support is the most important feature in any service company, as you sooner or later may need to contact a professional person quickly to ask a question or solve an issue. Homestead ranks in the top in this aspect with in-house tech support.

All the Homestead Plans include the following support options:

1- 24/7 phone support.
2- Email support.
3- Free on-line classes and learning center for beginner, advanced, and ecommerce levels to enable you to professionally develop and deal with your site.


Conclusion of These Homestead Reviews:

If you believe that the ‘all inclusive sitebuilder’ will be the perfect option for you, then Homestead intuit company is certainly the best on the market. With their quality features, inexpensive prices, reliable hosting, and good support you will have nothing to lose by taking advantage of their free trial.


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  1. I’ve actually used homestead a lot and while their prices are low, the quality is high. Also thanks for the coupon. If someone’s looking for high quality for a low price, Homestead is where it’s at!

  2. I think that bandwith monitoring and other simple things like that should be included in the control panel the begin with. If you need rock solid FreeBSD servers this is the place to get them!

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