Home Preparation for The Upcoming Monsoon Season

The monsoon season in North America usually starts during June. This rainy season usually affects states like Arizona, New Mexico, western Texas, southern Utah, Colorado, and southern Nevada. People in these states must have adequate preparation not only physically and mentally but also concerning the condition of their homes. While we are still experiencing reasonably dry weather, this is the right time for preparing your home for the upcoming rainy weather. As we all know, repairs and rain do not get along very well. We are scheduling home repairs before the downpour is always a good idea. Continue reading below to find out some of the best tips we have compiled for you. Sit up, take your pen and paper and start taking notes!

rain-675x448 Home Preparation for The Upcoming Monsoon Season

 1 Check The Condition of Your Rain Gutter

Before anything else, let us start with the most obvious one, rain gutters. Rain gutters are one of the essential components of the house and are especially important during the rainy or monsoon season. The main purpose of a rain gutter is to help in funneling water off the roof and leading the water away from the structure of the house. Check the rain gutters of your home to see if there is a buildup of dirt and debris that can potentially block or hamper the draining of rainwater when the monsoon season begins. If your home has broken gutters, consider having them fixed. If the damage is beyond repair, call your local rain gutter specialist and ask them for a replacement. Rain gutter installations usually take hours to days to install depending on the size and complexity of work. Make sure to schedule the installation before the rains start coming!

Check-The-Condition-of-Your-Rain-Gutter-1-675x450 Home Preparation for The Upcoming Monsoon Season

Rain-Gutter-1-675x450 Home Preparation for The Upcoming Monsoon Season

 2 Sandbag Your Way Against Flooding

If you happen to live in a relatively low area, chances are your home is more prone to flooding than the average house. Also, if you live near bodies of water like lakes, seas, and rivers, the chances of flooding become high. Alleviate this problem by making a sandbag barrier to protect your home against excessive flooding. To make a sandbag barrier, fill in a plastic, burlap or cloth sandbag with sand until the bag is at least half to two-thirds full depending on the strength and integrity of the material. Next, close and secure the sandbag with strong material, preferably with duct tape or twine. Strategically place the sandbags near your home with the bags facing the direction of the water flow. Layer them like bricks and make sure not to leave any easily penetrable gaps.

Sandbags-675x479 Home Preparation for The Upcoming Monsoon Season

Sandbags-for-flooding-675x675 Home Preparation for The Upcoming Monsoon Season

 3 Check the Condition of Old, Weak, and Diseased Trees

A lot of people take for granted the importance of checking the condition of old and weak trees inside their lots before the monsoon season. Rainstorms and wind during this time can get violent. It is of utmost importance to examine your property to see if there are trees that need fast cutting or stronger support. To know whether an old tree is dangerous for both you and your house, assess the location and the overall health of the tree. During heavy rains, large dead branches may fall and cause damage to your windows, roof, or car. Worse, falling branches or trees may even cause severe injury to a member or members of the household. Address this issue by pruning and cutting the bad part of the tree.

Moreover, look for the telltale signs of a diseased tree. These symptoms can range from premature shedding or over shedding of leaves, to the growth or sudden and widespread appearance of fungus near or on the tree. A diseased tree can become hollow on the inside, and its integrity may be compromised. If possible, seek out the services of a licensed arborist or a tree removal company so that they can give you a professional assessment on whether the tree is indeed diseased and if cutting it down becomes a necessity.

Check-the-Condition-of-Diseased-Trees Home Preparation for The Upcoming Monsoon Season

the-telltale-signs-of-a-diseased-tree-675x450 Home Preparation for The Upcoming Monsoon Season

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