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Editorial Heart Internet Review:

Heart Internet is a company that strives in reshaping the world of hosting within the market through abiding by the following principles: powerful products, low prices, providing customers control, automated systems and run by highly motivated quality employees.

The company’s founders Tim Beresford and Jonathan Brealy are the industry’s leading players when it comes to UK’s market for domain name and web hosting for the past 10 years and still counting.

Heart Internet company has just started way back in 1997, when the Internet started to gain popularity. Web hosting was more of a technical stuff way back then. Good thing that Tim and Jonathan paved the way and start to change everything and the rest is what they call history.


Heart Internet Review of Features:

Heart Internet is proud to give off different features and products/services that will cater to the ever changing need of a customer. No wonder, there have been lots of customers who are full of praises as to how this company handles business and help out customers when they are in need.


Heart Internet features include the following:

  • Web hosting service that is award winning
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Customer Service Hosting Support 24/7
  • Fastest growing hosting and Internet company in UK according to Deloitte Fast 50
  • Unlimited Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Reseller Hosting
  • Award Winning Web Hosting

Take a closer look of what to expect with Heart Internet:


  • Cost

At a glance, the cost of the products and services are indeed affordable compared to what an average hosting company has to offer. Take note, the prices are in British pounds not in US dollars.


  • Products and Services Offered
    • For Domains: co.uk at £2.79/year, .com at £5.99/year, .info at £4.99/year at a limited time offer for the first year.
    • For Web Hosting packages: Starter Pro at £2.49/month, Home Pro at £8.99/month, and Business Pro at £10.75
    • For Reseller Hosting: £1 first month, normal price from £29.99/month
    • For Dedicated Server: 2.33Ghz dual core Xeon at £79.99/month, 2.5Ghz quad core Xeon at £129.99/month, and 2.93Ghz quad core Xeon at £199.99/month.


  • Great Deals Offered
    • Reseller Hosting at £1 for the first month, limited time only.
    • Hosted Exchange 2010 Email for only £10/month


  • Registration is FREE, easy and quick.



Heart Internet Review of Reliability:

Heart Internet has been in the business for more than a decade now and got some loyal customers along the way while new ones are coming. This simply shows how reliable this company is in terms of delivering quality service and product. The remarkable support they give to their customers be it in technical or simple queries with timely response is what makes stand out above the rest.


Heart Internet Review of Customer Support:

It has been Heart Internet’s commitment to give the best to its customers. This company had already implemented over a total of 1,000 ideas and suggestions. coming from the customers. This is through the use of the company’s feedback form.

Heart Internet is giving off one of the best customer support service in the industry. They have people on standby 24/7, 365 days a week to give the quickest response to customer’s needs and problems. Issues and problems are dealt with in just a matter of minutes not days. Therefore, every customer will be assured of that whenever problem arises, there will always be a person from Heart Internet who will be assisting.


The Bottomline:

Giving customers the flexibility they need is what Heart Internet has to offer. What this company does is providing the customer a control panel that make him allocate domains right towards any account and change them any time. It is the customer who will choose the packages he want and even edit them to make a customize package to fit for his needs.


Conclusion of this Heart Internet Review:

It is first on the industry where the customer can make his own custom package, allocate the domains and change them anytime of the day. With the powerful and rich features, Heart Internet gives off one of the best products and services in the industry. The company is backed up with great employees helping out customers from time to time without any hassles and delay. Now, this is something that every hosting should have.

Overall, Heart Internet is give two thumbs up for superb products/services and top quality customer support.

One Comment

  1. HeartInternet disabled my website not give me prior notification. The cause is due to my uploading 10 mp3 files. I only use Monthly Bandwidth Transfer 3.84 MB. I created a ticket and went through their chat online support. Three days passed they told me I have to reset my account and all data will be lost. I requested a refund but they don’t allow. So I started my website all over again. No problems since then.

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