Healthy Nails : Vital Supplements To Keep It Healthy

Healthy Nails: To keep your nails healthy, the use of certain nutritional supplements and some essential oils will help strengthen them.

Healthy Nails: Here’s how to keep still Top

regular manicure Resort has become increasingly a luxury for some, caused by the economic crisis and the lack of time.
Perform household chores (dishes, ironing, dusting) absorbs our time but also involves a large manual labor that undermines the health of our hands.

In the hands of a woman are a communication tool, seduction, and presentation.

Healthy Nails:  Issues

First, we must identify what is the problem that plagues our nails.
Whether you suffer from ingrown toenails or fungi, the therapeutic approach will be different.

The nails are more brittle, more risk to share and change color. Often, food shortages (a diet low in vitamins or nutrients) are considerable risks to the health of nails.
Thus, certain skin diseases such as psoriasis , can affect the nail, causing their thickening and corrosion.

Healthy Nails: Fungi and Nails

To fight against fungi that afflict the nails, you can try tea tree oil, a powerful antiseptic, able to beat them. One study, in fact, it proves an effective antifungal ointment applied once or twice daily after a bath or shower when the skin is softer.
Alternatively, you can use an antifungal powder that absorbs moisture and prevents fungi.
Please also change socks immediately if you return home, feeling sweaty feet. The ideal would be to bring a pair of socks always reserve to use as needed.

Healthy Nails: Food and Nail health

If your nails are brittle or subject to flaking, try to incorporate into your diet with essential fatty acids, rinvenibili in foods such as oily fish, flaxseed oil or flax. If you are not used to consuming fish regularly, then you take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil per day (instead of extra virgin vinaigrette).

Even that evening primrose oil is another source of essential fatty acids to take in the amount of 1,000 mg three times daily with meals.
Field horsetail and nettles are plants are rich in silica and minerals they need to grow their nails and integrated as teas.

Another key component of healthy nails is zinc, a mineral recovered in many foods, such as nuts, vegetables, whole grains, meat, and seafood.
You will notice the absence of zinc when the nails have white spots.

Healthy Nails: Hydrated Hands

In the case of brittle nails and dry skin, use petroleum jelly or a thick cream can hydrate. If you do this before going to bed, used a pair of cotton gloves for hands, night.
Do not forget, also, to use vinyl gloves every time you wash dishes or do household chores.

Cuticles are then another big problem. Very often, in fact, we used to cut or remove snacking. In this way, we simply remove the protective barrier around the nail facilitate access of fungi and bacteria.

Healthy Nails: Nutritional supplements

Not only nails protect the tip of our fingers and our toes, but they provide information on our health by revealing the diseases that go unnoticed. Good nutrition is essential to good health.

Consisting mainly of a fibrous protein, keratin, they are among the hardest tissue in the human body. However, they may grow too slowly, weaken or break for many reasons, one of the most common being the fungal infection.

Healthy Nails: What causes unhealthy nails?

Nutrition plays a vital role in growth and appearance. For example, insufficient intake of B vitamins can cause wrinkles, while a lack of calcium makes dry and brittle.
A deficiency in vitamin C or partly folic acid at the origin of dead skin on the side of the nails (value).
A color change can come from poor oxygenation due to a disease such as asthma. Small white spots under the nails are often a sign of a lack of zinc.
Finally, know that the chemicals dry out and make them brittle and fragile.
The fungus that causes athlete’s foot can also infect the toenails. Growing in wet shoes and socks, it penetrates the nail through tiny cracks that appeared after intense physical activity, such as jogging.

To maintain the health of your nails, here information regarding recommended supplements to strengthen nails.

Healthy Nails: The benefits of nutritional supplements for nails

Many supplements used to strengthen them. The first results are usually observed after 8 weeks.

Biotin and other B vitamins, combined with vitamins C and E work together to help the body produce keratin and other proteins necessary for their strength. A calcium-based preparation and another mineral reinforcing skeleton also act on the nails.

As for fish oils and evening primrose oil are rich in essential fatty acids of two types, that nourish and prevent them from cracking. If you have small white spots under the nails, take 15 mg of zinc per day (preferably in combination with a copper supplement). Some doctors prescribe additional silicon contribution to strengthen brittle nails, but the effectiveness of this treatment has not been clinically proven.

Fungal infections (mycoses) are unfortunately more difficult to treat. Vitamin C, absorbed in combination with vitamin E, sometimes works well because it stimulates the immune system and helps the body fight against infection. In local therapy, massage the diseased nail with the essential oil of tea tree (never ingest) or garlic, or ointment to the concern.

Healthy Nails: What else to do to strengthen the health of your nails?

Do not cut cuticles: they protect against fungi and bacteria.
Wear gloves when doing housework or handling chemicals. Apply a little Vaseline on your nails when your hands have long soaked in water.
Cut them short enough: long, they break easily.
Soak them in water before cutting to avoid their split and crack.
Beware, if you are taking medication, consult your doctor before taking supplements.

Healthy Nails: Other interesting information

In a comparative study, the essential oil of tea tree and clotrimazole, a very common antifungal substance, were found to be equally effective against the other fungal infections. After 6 months of treatment, 60% of patients in each group experienced a partial or complete recovery.

During work in Switzerland, persons nails thin, brittle splitting and to which had been caught 2500 mcg of biotin daily observed a thickening of about 25%.

A daily cup of oat straw infusion of horsetail or nettle leaves improves the condition of nails: these plants are rich in silica and other minerals needed for growth.
Contrary to popular belief, the gelatin will not strengthen them, nor does it promotes their growth. The protein it contains does not contain the right combination of amino acids necessary for their formation.
Veterinarians have long used biotin to strengthen the hooves of horses, consisting primarily of keratin. We now know that this vitamin also strengthens nails.


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