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75 Most Healthy Medical Accessories And Bracelets for 2018

Recently you can find different types of bracelets. They are said to have some abilities of eliminating muscles’ and joints’ exhaustion, it is also said to have an amazing effect in healing vertebrae, a painkiller, and it is fashionable for all women as they have the same style of the regular accessories. Their low prices and their guarantee have increased the demand on them and made them fashionable in a short time. Their prices range between 150 and 195 SR according to the paint used in the accessories and the variations between gold and silver. These bracelets fits your overall look without any distortion. You can find some of them have the same decorations of a world wide trademarks.

The idea of treatment

The idea depends on copper itself radiating electromagnetic waves interacting with its electrical charges leading to soothe different aches. Human nerves are moved by these electrical charges. If there is some sort of disorder, this leads to many problems. These bracelets achieve the required balance in these charges. Magnetic therapy is based on the magnetic fields theory, that have the power of affecting the cells’ function and increase the neural system and organs efficiency. How magnet works still is not clear. There are two theories about this subject, the first one tells us that magnet increases the flow of blood to certain areas and consequently lead to the flow of oxygen, decrease pain and swelling. The second theory is based on the idea that magnet creates electric fields delaying pain signals sent by the neural system.

The use of magnet in ancient times

In the third century BC, Greek physicians used rings made of magnetized metals to cure arthritis. They have also used beads of magnetized amber to stop wound bleeding.

An American foundation added that medieval ages physicians used magnet for the treatment of gout, arthritis, and poisoning. The funny thing here is that they used magnet to replant hair in their heads and try to pull it from its roots for those who are bald. In the united states magnetized things started to be found like combs, high heels, creams and even clothes. These things were found after the civil war, particularly in the remote countryside areas isolated from physicians.

The use of copper

The designers of these bracelets have justified the use of copper to the ancient times. This metal was used to relief fatigue only by passing apiece of copper over their bodies. One of them was the philosopher onppadukulais, he used to wear a copper sandals which protected him from cholera. Also Aristotle the great philosopher used to put a ball of copper in his palm to absorb fatigue. Ibn Sina the physician used to recommend copper powder for bone fractures. A flake of copper used to be put on festering wounds till they heal.

Chinese bracelets

Chinese people used both magnetized bracelets along with acupuncture and alternative medications to help in reducing common health problems and also to reduce the feeling of discomfort since 2000 BC. They depended on the theory saying “to be healthy, you have to be magnetically balanced”.

Instructions for use

The bracelet is worn for the longest time during the day, although some physicians do not prefer its use for pregnant women, those who have medical devices implantations in their bodies like those who have pacemaker, the electric shock device,  heart disorders and those who use the insulin pump. It also includes those who use medical patches containing medications absorbed slowly through the skin like the nitrite medications used for the heart arteries. It is also used for those who have fractures, wounds, sever inflammations.