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Various kinds of food , vegetables and fruits , but what of them is the healthier !!

Many kinds of vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and  minerals  such as cucumber and bananas . People who used to eat healthy food are healthier than those who got vitamins from tablets . Vitamin tablets are expensive while natural food is cheap and healthy .

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) are working with Asian countries to develop a strategy to make better use of a global food safety network .
Doctors researches reaches that fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants  which prevent some people of cancer diseases .

Some people are on diet , some of them are patients and suffers from fats , stomach , colon or heart diseases , while others want only to keep fit and healthy .  They prefer the plate of salad as a major meal .

One medium-sized tomatoes has : 26 calories , 1 g protein , 0 fat cholesterol , 6 mg calcium , 0.6 iron , 2 mg fiber , 24 mg vitamin C .

People who has no time for cooking , went to FAST FOOD without knowing its harm . For kids , they prefer fast food for home food because it tastes more delicious , but it turns them to get weight  and lose their fitness . We should replace it by making home food more delicious and various .

pregnants have their own plans in eating ,  to eat many times , but little quantities . They prevent fats and calories , went to eat natural food of vegetables and fruits . They follow doctors opinion to know their ideal weight  and their babies health .

Maria Olson

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