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The Connection Between a Healthy Diet And Luscious Hair

The quest:

As a small girl, the only goal I ever had was to have hair as beautiful and as long as Rapunzel. The obsession with having beautiful luscious locks has been there since childhood. From trying different natural remedies to getting a treatment done from the salon, the goal has been constant. However, if you look at the bigger picture, everything you eat directly affects your body. Similarly, what you eat determines the quality of your hair.  Many times, the relationship between diet and hair quality is overlooked. Not many know that a good, healthy, and nutritious diet can help you achieve the perfectly luscious locks that everyone runs after.

Focusing on the goal: 

To reach the finish line, one has to be determined and focused. Here are some foods that can help you grow healthy and fabulous hair.

1 Biotin

Did you notice your hair getting thinner as the days pass? Well, there’s a solution, and it lies in biotin.  Keratin is the main component of the hair which ensures protection from the external environment. Research studies have shown that biotin increases keratin production in the body, reducing hair fall and enhancing follicle growth.  You may wonder where to get biotin from, visit a reliable online pharmacy that offers delivery services and place your order efficiently.

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2 Omega-3

The omega-3 fatty acid is relatively famous for its role in boosting hair growth and improving hair quality. It’s available in the form of supplements. However, taking supplements is difficult for some people, so there’s an alternative for them.  Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid. Furthermore, many nuts and seeds also contain omega-3 in sufficient quantities. Not only does it help in boosting hair growth, but many other health benefits are also attached to it. Try to incorporate fish into your daily life and be consistent to see positive results.

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3 Vitamins 

It is of utmost importance to fulfill the body’s requirements for vitamins as they play a vital role in hair growth. For example, Vitamin C protects the hair strands from free radical damage. Similarly, Vitamin E protects the hair from oxidative stress. All the vitamins are essential as they have different roles and provide protection from various factors. It is crucial to include them in the diet or take them as supplements.

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4 Protein

The scalp has tiny follicles from which the hair grows. These follicles are mainly made up of protein. Consequently, inadequate levels of protein in the body can trigger hair loss. Therefore, make sure the diet is high in protein.

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The majority of us are so busy that a simple task such as taking care of hair may seem like a heavy chore. However, it is essential to maintain an adequate and healthy diet because food is the primary source of nutrition for our hair, supplements are secondary. Consider it as an act of self-love and look after your hair.

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