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Have a Domain? How Sedo Help You better

Using brokers for selling domains can present difficulties. There are lots of domain brokers but one of the best is Sedo. A lot of domain sellers trust Sedo to manage their business because of Sedo’s secure, reliability and high exposure. They have the every single ingredient your business needs.

You have to follow a few steps if you want Sedo to help you. First of all, log in (or sign up in case you don’t have an account already) and click on Add Domains. Next, you are asked to indicate your domain name servers to ns1.sedoparking.com and ns2.sedoparking.com. It is not necessary to do this but you should and let me tell you why!

You should do this because once you park your domain, you can start building your business and making money. I am talking here about domain parking. But even though your domain generates income, it is still available for the buyers who want to buy it. If they make you offers you can either reject them by making a counter offer, accept them or take them to auction.

Don’t worry about all the legal steps that trading, including online trading, requires to be achieved. Sedo will take care of these details. The majority of the sales are successfully finalized because Sedo makes research on buyers’ identity and knows if it is real or false so the secure of the trades is quite high.

If you take an offer into auction, seven days is the period of time your domain will wait until you find out the final price. If the negotiation of a fixed price is successful then you can action immediately. Sedo gain bonus points for taking care of the buyer to receive the domain and the seller to receive the money. All you have to do is set the transfer and start it.

After the transfer is initiated and processed, the buyer sends the money. The money does not get directly to you. This is a precaution taken by Sedo in order to maintain the security at a high level. Sedo receives the money and waits for a code which must be sent by you after you initiated your domain transfer. Once the transfer is successful, you get paid. The payment can even be made through PayPal!

As you can see, Sedo is one of the best choices on internet. It hosts your domains, let you present them to people and takes care of your business in case of a transfer. There are no scams and the idea of money loss does not fit when it comes to sell domains through Sedo.

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